CommutAir, a United Express Carrier, Increases Pilot Sign-On Bonus to $45,000 and Offers Immediate Captain Upgrades



Photo provided by CommutAir.

CommutAir, a United Expressregional carrier, announced it is increasing its pilotsign-on bonus to up to $45,000 for captain-qualified candidates.  In addition, to support its massive growth, the company has immediate captain upgrade opportunities for qualified new hires.

Pilots with 1,000 Part 121/135 applicable hours can take advantage of CommutAir’s increased $45,000 sign-on bonus. The Cleveland-based carrieris growing at a record pace and expects to hire or promote 200 captains over the next two years as it continues to grow its all-jet fleet.

Qualified candidates entering captain training will see total first-year benefits and compensation package of up to $117,000. In addition to top-tier compensation and benefits, CommutAir pilots enjoy a fast and direct path to a United Airlines flight deck via the United Career Path Program (CPP).

“Pilots wishing to fly for United Airlines need to look no further,” said Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Officer. “Our ability to provide immediate upgrades allows us to fuel our growth while providing incoming pilots with an incredible opportunity to join United Airlines. ”

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CommutAir will continue it’s growth plan toward an all-jet fleet of 61 Embraeraircraft and is actively hiring 400 pilots over the next two years. It’s industry-leading benefits include:

  • Immediate upgrades
  • Top-Tier payand benefits– the industry’s first and best Commuter policy
  • Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)for cockpit crew members


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