Endeavor Air’s Delta Guaranteed Interview Program Makes Path to Delta Faster


Endeavor Air Captain Tyler Stargardt inspects the flaps of a CRJ-900 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

For pilots looking for a career at Delta Air Lines, the fastest path to Delta just got faster. Endeavor Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, recently announced enhancements to its Delta Guaranteed Interview – DGI – Program that gives qualifying pilots a place in line ahead of the thousands of pilot applicants trying to secure the most coveted interview in the industry.

 Prior to the May 25 announcement, pilots hired after January 6, 2015 as part of the DGI Program were required to serve 24 months as a captain at Endeavor. Under the new agreement, Endeavor pilots who meet all of Delta’s hiring requirements now just need 18 months in the left seat at Endeavor. Additionally, Endeavor said for each month Delta is conducting interviews, the Minneapolis-based airline would double the amount of pilot candidates it sends to Delta each month – from 12 pilots previously, to 24 candidates a month. Endeavor also announced that pilots on property prior to January 6, 2015, would also be granted an additional interview at Delta if they elect to participate and meet program requirements.

 “Through the DGI Program, Endeavor pilots will have an enhanced opportunity to join the 780 pilots who have already been hired at Delta during the past four years,” said Joe Miller, Chief Operating Officer, in a memo sent to all Endeavor pilots. “The DGI Program will provide Endeavor pilots with an opportunity to work at the most respected global airline in the industry.”

 To learn more about the DGI Program, visit http://www.endeavorair.com/pilotsACN


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