Piedmont Airlines Announces Significant Pay Raise for Pilots


Photo provided by Piedmont Airlines.

Piedmont Airlines, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group, announced a significant pay increase for its 700 pilots, as well as an increase in pay and a new bonus structure for new hire pilots. The letter of agreement (LOA) between Piedmont and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) comes despite the pilot contract not being amendable until 2024. 

Piedmont CEO Lyle Hogg says the new agreement reflects the company’s commitment to recruiting the best pilots and training them for a future at American Airlines.

“Every pilot we hire is on a path to American, so we want the best and the brightest. Now Piedmont can offer the best pay, the best benefits and the best career progression,” said Hogg. “Other regional airlines simply can’t match what Piedmont offers to pilots right now.” 

Voting members of ALPA’s Master Executive Council (MEC) unanimously agreed to accept the LOA, which places pilots in the top tier for pay among all U.S. regional carriers. 

New Piedmont first officers will receive: 

  • $50 per hour starting pay, up from $40 
  • Sign on bonus of $18,000 paid in two installments 

Current Piedmont first officers will receive: 

  • Immediate pay raise to $50 – $55 per hour based on years of service, up from $40 – $42. 
  • Retroactive pay increase to May 15 

Current Piedmont captains will receive: 

  • Immediate pay raise to $76 – $96 per hour based on years of service, up from $60 – 90. 
  • Retroactive pay increase to May 15 

In addition, all Piedmont pilots continue to receive: 

  • A guaranteed pilot position at American Airlines 
  • 100% trip cancellation, deadhead and relocation pay 
  • Per diem 
  • Hub domiciles (PHL, CLT) 
  • Free hotel rooms for commuting pilots 
  • American Airlines profit sharing 
  • Performance incentive bonuses 
  • 401(k) with company match 
  • Excellent, low cost health benefits 
  • Family travel on American Airlines 

Piedmont currently operates 400 flights per day for American Airlines out of Charlotte, North Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a fleet of 60 Embraer 145 regional jets. 

Pilots who wish to apply to Piedmont Airlines can do so through AirlineApps.com or set up a call with a recruiter by emailing [email protected].


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