Five Fitness Resources for Flight Crew


Physical and mental health often suffer from an aviation career. Late nights, irregular schedules, limited access to healthy food options, and prolonged time away from family are all consequences of the aviation careers many of us love. Luckily, there are products and resources designed to help crews stay fit. Pilot Fitness, founded by Josh and Lauren Dills, combines the expertise of nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, and flight crews to create a wealth of resources to support frequent flyers of all kinds.

Here are five resources to help improve your general wellbeing on a trip

1 FitFlyer   

Who couldn’t benefit from a flight crew meal planning app? It is free. The app allows a crew member to easily meal-plan, prep, and pack healthy and easily transportable meals. The app includes detailed recipes that don't take a Michelin Star chef to make. Each recipe is designed to meet the unique needs of the traveling professional – specifically maintaining freshness and improving your health. Each meal option is easy to pack, perfect for a flight bag or crew cooler. One can download the app in the Apple App store. (An Android version of the app is in development.) FitFlyeris the ultimate meal planning application for crew members.

Photo provided by Pilot Fitness.

2 Pilot Fitness Counseling  

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert. Pilot Fitness has a counseling program that connects flight crews to licensed mental health professionals. It is a referral service only. Your name need not ever be disclosed to Pilot Fitness (unless you voluntarily so choose). It is completely confidential. The program requires zero commitment. All you need is an email to sign up, and they will connect you immediately to a mental health professional who understands the unique struggles of flight or cabin crew. This program even comes with a 40% off crew discount! 

3 E-Courses

Pilot Fitness partnered with nutritionists to create easy-to-use, interactive, health and fitness courses for pilots and flight attendants. The courses include Habit BuildingExercise Basics,and Seated Exercises. The courses are inexpensive. They focus on flight crew-related issues (such as injury prevention). Pilot Fitness E-Courses are tailored specifically to your goals, built to help youbecome healthier, more fit and to free-up time at home to do the things you love.

4 Subscribe  

Every month Aero Crew Newsreleases a new monthly magazine. It is free to subscribe and can be downloaded as a PDF so that each is easy to take with you on trips and read during layovers, deadheads, or overnights. Nestled between a wealth of great career and industry related news, each free Aero Crew News Magazine issue includes one article on health and fitness. These articles emphasize flight crew-related health and fitness topics. Earlier articles emphasize sleep, fitness technology for flight crews, workout planning, aviation depression, and flight crew-common injuries. The articles are designed to help you stay both mentally and physically fit! Subscribe for free, and never miss an issue of Aero Crew News

5 Follow  

Pilot Fitness is active on social media, using it to share with followers the most recent and breaking industry health and fitness information which includes the latest and most up-to-date health and fitness studies. By following Pilot Fitness, you can stay up to date in the latest research in flight crew related fitness and health research. 

SOURCEAero Crew News, July 2019
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Nathan Racine is an airline pilot and an occupational psychologist for Pilot Fitness. He is the Mental Health program director at Pilot Fitness. He is also the Marketing Director for Pilot Fitness and the Aero Crew brand. He is type-rated in the Boeing 757/767 and the 777. To contact Nathan, please email him at


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