Aero Crew News, December 2021


This time of year is always exciting at Aero Crew News. We have the privilege of seeing some amazing photos and waiting to see the results of our annual competition. We bring you the results this month. The top 15 photos were selected and you have voted. Be sure to see each one in our FEATURE and read what the photographer has to say about capturing their shot. In our profession, we see amazing sights so often and we always appreciate enjoying the wonders others have captured. This year, the theme was Aviation and Weather which required that the photo contain at least a part of an aircraft and a weather phenomenon. We hope you’ll enjoy the results. Speaking of weather and this time of year, SQUALL LINE addresses the hazards of icing. Ajay reminds us not to become complacent, especially in icing conditions. Kristopher Olson’s PERSPECTIVES enumerates the pros of being an airline pilot aimed at those who are considering the career. Sergio Sovero’s KNOWLEDGE BASE offers some tips on what to consider when you are in search of the right flight school for you. For those who ready to apply for that dream job, Justin Abrams’ CAREERS column offers tips on how to best convey your career flying experiences in the application process. MONEY launches us into the tax season with advice about charitable contributions and how these can lower your tax burden. Reini’s monthly BAGGAGEcolumn provides some tips about dealing with the familial stresses that some face, particularly during the holidays. She always has great advice for all of us. And finally, FITNESS offers us strategies to effectively align our new year’s resolutions with our thinking. As usual, the AVIATOR BULLETINS are loaded with news to keep you informed. The end of the year is almost here and we are excited to continue our ongoing resolution — to be a better, more effective resource for our aviation family of readers. If you have ideas, contributions, criticisms or praise, please share with us at, and please do share our magazine among your colleagues who may not have discovered us yet. Enjoy the holidays, fly safely and remember to be patient — the world is trying to recover. 



SOURCEAero Crew News, December 2021
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