Aero Crew News, July 2021


Things are starting to look up for a lot of the world but there remain a number of hot spots that continue to cause concern and serve as reminders to keep that we must all maintain our vigilance. While our new normal is established, Aero Crew News is pleased to be able to launch our next annual PHOTO CONTEST. The success and excitement of past photo competitions has inspired us to dust off the rules and encourage you to point and shoot. This year’s theme is Aviation Weather (not the college course, the phenomena). To qualify, your shot should have at least some part of an aircraft within the frame. We are anxious to see what you capture. Links for submitting your photo appear in this July issue. Photography is also the theme of the FEATURE this month. You’ll enjoy the story of John Slemp, a professional photographer, who has photographed and collected the stories of scores of bomber jackets worn in World War II. He has captured photos of more than a hundred jackets and the stories that give them added poignancy. This story precedes publication of a comprehensive book that Mr. Slemp has written. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student Garrett Anderson wrote this article for Aero Crew News and was able to use it for one of his classes. An ROTC cadet, Garrett will be returning to ERAU this fall for his final year before he is commissioned into the U.S. Air Force. There is a lot of information in this issue for aspiring professional pilots. Justin Abrams provides some solid advice about how to approach each flight as if it were an evaluation. See his piece in CAREERS. Also within the prepping-for-the-future theme, KNOWLEDGE BASE explains the programs between airlines and colleges that can help launch your career sooner than you imagined. As Kristopher Olson tells us in PERSPECTIVES, these are exciting times to be a pilot (again). If you’re facing job interviews (or know there are others in your future) Reini Thijssen’s BAGGAGE column is worth keeping as a reference. She offers insight into the anxiety you may feel and how to address and harness those feelings for a positive outcome. Lia Ocampo is back with FLYING offering a recount of her first post-COVID trip. She explored the vibrant capital of Panama (where this editor grew up at the edge of the Canal). MONEY will have you examining your own attitudes about risk and spending in today’s economic environment. Taking care of number one (yourself) should always remain top-of-mind and Eric Ray’s FITNESS column will address lifting heavy weights – the pros and cons. Does the term “gustnado” ring a bell? It didn’t for me, but now I know. Anthony Lorenti clues us in with his SQUALL LINE column in which he tells us it’s “… another vortex in the sky.” Remember to send us your FEEDBACK (and read what other readers are saying or asking) to



SOURCEAero Crew News, July 2021
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