adi-03Aerodynamics, Inc. (ADI) has over 57 years of providing exceptional customer service in the aviation industry. Originally located in Waterford, MI, ADI has roots in many facets of general aviation including management, charter, maintenance, interiors, aircraft sales, and an FBO located at Pontiac International airport (PTK). ADI has since moved their headquarters to Kennesaw, GA where the company has focused exclusively on operating 50-seat regional aircraft under its FAA 121 Domestic Scheduled service authority. Prior to 2016, ADI had its sole focus on the private charter flights. Now the company is branching out into other markets to produce new opportunities for the organization and its customers. This is an exciting time in the distinguished history of ADI which will forge a new and diversified path into the future.

On July 1, 2016, the company began its first scheduled domestic service between the Youngstown, OH (YNG) and Chicago O’Hare (ORD) airports. This service has restored the first daily scheduled flights in and out of Youngstown in 14 years and will provide a connection to virtually any destination via Chicago O’Hare. The public and private sectors have responded with great enthusiasm and support for this service. ADI has had an active hand helping in the development and marketing of this service. The cooperation of airport authorities, local government, and the public will create a lasting partnership with ADI and the region.

ADI will also launch daily flights as part of the Essential Air Service (EAS) program through the U.S. Department of Transportation. ADI will operate scheduled service connecting Watertown, SD (ATY), Pierre, SD (PIR), and Denver, CO (DEN) in August 2016. This marks the return of daily scheduled service for the citizens of Watertown, which have been without air service for several months. This opportunity brings the ADI operation farther west, which will create more cost effective charter options for off-peak scheduled flight times. ADI has been actively pursuing additional EAS and scheduled service contracts throughout the United States as part of its growth plan.

In preparation for the scheduled routes, ADI and Great Lakes Airlines have entered into a codeshare and hosting agreement which permits the use of established interline agreements for ticketing and baggage with major legacy carriers. All scheduled flights will fly under the name “Great Lakes Jet Express” operated by Aerodynamics, Inc. The partnership allows travelers to purchase through online travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz, as well as directly from the Great Lakes website

The addition of scheduled service creates a more diversified model and revenue stream for the company. However, ADI will also continue in its history of offering charter flights with dedicated aircraft to service these requests. Continued focus on collegiate, professional, and amateur sports remains a major part of charter revenue that will benefit from ADI’s recently expanded geographical reach. AD-hoc charter, corporate shuttles, motor sports, and live entertainment are some other sectors in which ADI will continue to operate.

The expanding ADI fleet consists of the Embraer ERJ 145, which is capable of accommodating up to 50 passengers. It was specifically designed to fly medium sized group’s shorter distances at greater speeds. Our aircraft offers ample cargo capabilities as well as comfortable cabin space. Since its first flight in 1995, the worldwide fleet of ERJ 145 has an impressive mission completion rate of 99.7% and has flown over 15 million miles with zero fatalities. This aircraft type has proven to be a cost-effective flight solution for group travel in the charter market. Efficient fuel consumption and operating costs have made the ERJ 145 a go-to aircraft for sports organizations, brokers, and private groups alike.

The new opportunities ADI has embarked upon also create the need for additional pilots.  ADI is seeking both captains and first officers to fly the scheduled routes and on-demand charter flights. Numerous domiciles are currently being offered and all candidates will be considered as part of the company’s growth strategy. ADI is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and offers a comprehensive benefits package as well as a family friendly work environment. The company is currently advertising on Aero Crew Solutions website and invites all interested candidates to apply.


Interview with Greg Weaver, Vice President, Human Resources, Aerodynamics

Pre Interview:

Craig: How do you select applicants to be brought in for an interview?

Greg: We select applicants based upon experience.  Those who have jet experience are considered over those who do not.  Also, preference is given to applicants with a type rating for the EMB145.

C: What can an applicant do to increase their chances of being called for an interview?

G:  Show enthusiasm when responding to a job posting and include all information requested.

C: How critical is it to attend a job fair to get an interview? 

G:  Job fairs are an important way to meet the recruiters to show your interest in the Company.  Even if you have already applied to a Company and they are attending the job fair, still go to the table to show your continued interest in the company.

C: What is the best way to prepare for an interview with your company?

G:  Read up on the Company.  The quickest way to have a company loose interest is to show you have no idea what the company is about.


C: Do you recommend that applicants get to your headquarters city the day before and get a hotel room for the night?

G:  If the Company requires coming to the headquarters, it is essential to leave plenty of room for delays.  If your interview is in the morning, arrive the day before to make sure you are fresh for the interview.

C: Can you walk me through a typical day of interviews?

G: The applicants will meet with the Chief Pilot and Director of Operations.  Previous flying experience and type ratings will be discussed.

C: What kind of questions can an applicant expect to be asked?

G:  Why did you leave your last company; what will we find on PRIA requests; we conduct thorough background checks.  Is there something we should know about ahead of time?

C: Can you give me some examples of the TMAAT questions that you like to ask?

G: Tell me about a time where you had to make a critical and timely decision.  Be as specific as possible and how did you handle it.

C: What are some of the biggest mistakes that applicants make during the interview process? 

G:  Not being prepared and not showing interest in the company.

Simulator Evaluation:

C: Do you have a simulator ride?  

G:  We do not have ownership of one.  However, if there is a strong applicant that shows potential from a turbo prop to a jet, we may invest in a sim ride.

C: What type of aircraft is used for the simulator evaluation?

G:  EMB145

C: What types of scenarios should an applicant expect in the simulator evaluation?

G:  Just basic jet flying skills.  There is a huge difference between prop and jet.  We want to make sure they can handle a jet.

C: What are you looking for in the simulator evaluation?

G:  Ability to understand the craft and have essential control capabilities.

C: What are some of the biggest mistakes applicants make?

G:  Being too nervous and not studying up on the craft.

Post Interview:

C: Do you tell applicants they are hired in person that day? 

G:   Most of the time yes.  We like to make the offer once we feel confident in an applicant.

C: How soon can an applicant expect a class date after being hired?

G:  Approximately 2 weeks.


C: How many pilots does your airline expect to hire this year?

G:  Approximately 20 to 25

C: Do you have a hiring bonus? Is there any specific criterion to qualify for the bonus?

G:  No but we do have an employee referral bonus.  Anyone who is currently employed and refers a pilot will receive a compensation bonus once the new hire completes 90 days of work.


Headquarters: 114 Town Park Drive NW Suite 500, Kennesaw GA  30144

Founded: October 1959, Current entity bought in October 2012

Number of Employees: 45

Number of Aircraft: 3 going to 6

Number of Pilots: 14

Number of Passengers Yearly: Approx. 2500

Number of Bases: 3 base locations

Number of cities served: Currently 5 and growing

Pilot Benefits:     Major Medical, Major Dental, Vision, Life

Insurance, Credit Union with IRA, Legal and Credit Monitoring Insurance


Phone: (404) 410-7612

SOURCEAero Crew News, July 2016
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Aerodynamics Incorporated, based in Kennesaw, GA., is a certified FAA 121 Air Carrier (Cert# BUEA634C) offering large aircraft flight operations. Long recognized for its core value of operational excellence, ADI has served the industry for over 57 years without incident or accident, one of only two companies operating Regional Jets in the supplemental 121 on-demand regime able to make this claim. ADI operates a fleet of 50 seat regional jets throughout the United States.


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