I Love Flying: An Inspirational Journal for Your Flying and Travel Adventures


Why do you fly, and why do you travel? Some people travel for work, business, adventure, and to get out of their comfort zone. Others use travel to reflect, to escape, to relax, to celebrate, to learn, to build relationships, to meet amazing people, to create wonderful memories, or to become a new person.

Suddenly, the world has stopped flying because of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has changed the world of travel.

The impact of the COVID-19 has devastated airlines worldwide. Demands have fallen because of fear of COVID-19 and global efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Airlines are trying to survive. Planes have been grounded, and many employees are taking advantage of the voluntary unpaid leave and retirement programs. Others have lost their jobs because of massive layoffs and furloughs. The pandemic has even forced some airlines to go out of business.

It is for these reasons I created the I Love Flying journal: to honor those who have lost their lives to COVID-19, to show admiration for the frontline workers in the aviation and travel industries, to encourage globetrotters to continue their passion for travel, to inspire people to explore the world, to advocate flying with precautionary measures, to uplift the spirit of traveling, and shed some hope in these challenging times.

While recovery advances and the progress against the COVID-19 continues, more travelers will venture out and fly again. I am so excited to share this unique journal that you can take along on your next adventure. I used my own photos to show a different perspective of the world through flying. Traveling and flying reconnect us with ourselves and with others. It can bring out the best in us. It can empower us.

If you love flying and traveling, I encourage you to write your own stories and create your book of life. Writing your thoughts and memories about your flying experiences and travel adventures is a way to reflect. I Love Flying can be a time capsule of people, places, and experiences you have encountered. If you are like me, you may forget some details of your travels, but writing them down is a way to help preserve those memories. You can always look back to this journal and share your stories with your friends and family.

Set your travel goals. Fill-in your bucket list. Find an adventure. Discover a new country. Enjoy the experience. Remember those memories. Capture beautiful moments. And see for yourself the magnificent world in which we live.

I hope that through the I Love Flying Journal, you build inspiration to create more beautiful stories and memories. Keep flying. Keep traveling. Stay tuned to more in future issues in the new (I love) FLYING column.

SOURCEAero Crew News, April 2021
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Lia is a passionate flight attendant by day and author by night. Her flying experiences give her the opportunity to meet amazing people and create wonderful memories and inspire her to do the things she loves: writing and photography. Lia splits her time between Florida and New York, where she remains dedicated to her writing, her love of travel, and her passion for helping others.



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