2 Years and 10 Days!


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That’s right!  Last month, CommutAir set the air speed record for the fastest time to send a pilot to United Airlines through the Career Path Program (CPP).  Captain Mike, who joined the company in January 2016, as a First Officer, springboarded to United in February 2018 – after just 2 years and 10 days! Many of you have asked “How come?” and “Will I get to do the same?” The answers are simple:

CommutAir’s Career Path Program (CPP), only requires 1,000 hours in a CommutAir left seat.  That’s HALF the time vs. the 2,000 hours CPP requirement elsewhere and “years” faster than at the other regionals!

And our fleet growth gets to you a left seat upgrade very quickly.

Can you beat the 2 years and 10 days record?

Absolutely.  If you join CommutAir with Part 121 hours, you are halfway there. Our fleet-growth and steady CPP departures to United are driving captain upgrades soon after you achieve your cumulative 1,000 Part 121 hours. In fact, we are so sure of your upgrade that we guarantee you Captain pay, with $55.50/hour, in Year 2.

Stagnating at your air operator? “On demand” Part 135 taking its toll?

Come fly CommutAir’s growing all-jet fleet by clicking here! And enter our United Career Path Program to springboard to United!  Your first-year compensation will be a minimum $75K – and then, the sky can become “friendly” very quickly!

Interested?  Contact us by emailing [email protected]!  ACN


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