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Every month Aero Crew News features a mainline carrier and a regional carrier.  The feature is an article written by your company with photographs, route maps and an interview gouge.  If you company wishes to be featured in Aero Crew News please contact the Publisher, Craig Pieper at Craig.Pieper@aerocrewsolutions.com.

06-2015-cover2The deadline for final submission is 30 days prior to the month that your feature will be released.  New issues are released on or about the first of each month.  We will take your material and layout the article.  Once the layout is completed we will send a draft back to you for corrections, additions and/or approval.  If your company wishes too, they may layout the article.  Please provide each page in a separate PDF file, all images and a document with the article.

A few of the things we will need for the article are:

  1. Photographs of aircraft, pilots, flight attendants, etc..
  2. A route map (if available)
  3. The article (2000-3000 words)
  4. The interview gouge (Email Craig.Pieper@AeroCrewSolutions.com for the interview)
  5. The fact sheet.  Fact Sheet
  6. Company logo. (At least one with a clear background .png)
  7. Branding requirements (if any)
  8. Authors bio or company bio and headshot or Company logo (96×96 pixels) (optional but highly suggested)10-2015-cover2
  9. Anything else you feel would be appropriate.
  10.  A list of all those that contributed to the feature and their titles.

Feel free to browse our previous issues to see what other airlines have done in the past.
We would love to feature your airline in one of ur upcoming issues and we look forward to working with you.

*We love to give credit where credit is due.  If you wish to submit the authors bio and headshot we will include that with the article on the website.  We can also use our generic “author,” Airline Marketing Personal.

Please submit all material to Craig.Pieper@AeroCrewSolutions.com.

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