Aero Crew News, July 2024


This month in Aero Crew News

Feature – Lieutenant Dan’s foundation does good works for a long list of our country’s best.

Aero Medical – Talk therapy can benefit you and it’s not reportable.

Baggage – Focus! Learn six tips to help with your concentration.

Business Vector – Transitions can be complex decisions that merit a scientific approach.

Coffee & Pretzels – Another relatable chuckle from our cartoonist.

Fitness – We can apply the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle to workouts on the road.

Food Bites – Our foodie has fallen for a Hottie and plans to go back for more!

Grey Matter – Read this solid advice for dealing with an accident or an incident.

Knowledge Base – Get some instrument-approach tips for the GA pilot.

Money – Understand and consider long-term care options now.

Mortgage – Mitigate the pitfalls that can plague the home-buying process.

Perspectives – Passion for aviation is undeniably valuable career fuel.

Squall Line – Upper-air turbulence can be anticipated if you know how to look for it.


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