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Aero Crew News

An Airline Captain’s Secrets to Transformative Travel – Part 2

Flying an airplane, i.e. utilizing the laws of aerodynamics, and travel have a lot in common. As a traveler, knowing these principles will not...

Frontier Airlines Announces 27 Nonstop Routes, 2 New International Destinations

Ultra-low fare carrier Frontier Airlines announced a major expansion of service, adding 27 nonstop routes, including new destinations Guadalajara and Monterrey, Mexico. The airline...

Line Bidding

Last month the Preferential Bidding System, or PBS, was detailed to see how pilots bid their monthly schedules. Another system utilized, albeit less popular...

Letter from the Editor, February 2016

Dear Readers; I would like to personally thank you all for your contributions to Aero Crew News. Aero Crew News is dedicated to providing the...

Spirit Airlines Board of Directors Urges Stockholders to Reject JetBlue Tender Offer

Spirit Airlines, Inc. announced on May 19, 2022, that its Board of Directors (the "Board"), after consultation with its outside financial and legal advisors,...

Relationship Changes: How to Connect in Time of Diapers

The arrival of a child (particularly the first) is an important transition in life that new parents often underestimate. Life, as you knew it...

 Flight 3407 Families on Alert Over Efforts to Loosen Pilot Qualification Requirements

With certain airlines announcing the impending elimination of Essential Air Service (EAS) routes and airline lobbyists beginning to make the rounds to push for...

ATI Pilots Receive $2 Million Grant for Negotiations

After a special vote by the Executive Board of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) last week, the Air Transport International (ATI) pilot...


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