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Aero Crew News

Alaska Airlines adds new nonstop from Anchorage to Minneapolis-St. Paul

Alaska Airlines announces today new seasonal service at one of the airline's key hubs in Alaska with new nonstop service between Anchorage and Minneapolis-St. Paul. This additional nonstop flight...


INTRODUCTION Ameriflight, LLC and our subsidiary Wiggins Airways form the largest airline operating under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.  We serve major international...

From the Sea to the Sky: United Invests $5 Million in Algae-based Fuel Producer...

Viridos' technology extracts algae oil from algae for potential future production of sustainable aviation fuel United has invested in more future SAF production than any...

Delta adds state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient Boeing 737 MAX to fleet

The order is within Delta’s 2022-24 Capex guidance provided at Capital Markets Day in December 2021. Nearly one-third of the aircraft’s 182 seats will be...

New FAA Data Shows U.S. Pilot Production Remains Strong

ALPA Analysis Finds Largest Carriers Have More Pilots and Conduct Less Flying Than Pre-Pandemic Pushing back on the erroneous claim that the United States is...

Flying The Guard

Let’s face it, obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot rating and complying with the new Federal Aviation Regulations 117 rules along with attaining a college...

It Pays To Be Personable

I’d like to share with you the story of Nolan Watkins, a pilot whose path took him across oceans, continents and multiple carriers, ultimately...

Timesaver! Alaska Airlines and CLEAR team up to make travel easier and more secure

With CLEAR Plus, move through airport security lines faster; Mileage Plan members can now enroll for a CLEAR Plus membership at a reduced rate and...


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