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Aero Crew News

Envoy To Add Ten Additional E175 Aircraft To Its Fleet

Envoy will add ten additional 76-seat, two-class Embraer 175 (E175) aircraft to the fleet next year, bringing the total number of E175s to 54...

Rough Road Ahead!

I am often asked by laymen, “What airplane do you drive?” As pilots, we routinely refer to ourselves as “drivers.” So, what better segue is...

A Glimpse Into Becoming A Flight Attendant At Southwest Airlines

As  a  widely-recognized  great  place  to  work,  Southwest  Airlines  is  fortunate  to  receive  a  high  volume  of  interest  in  Flight  Attendant  positions.  More  than ...

The Mortgage Process, Part 2

In my previous column, we were looking at the steps of a mortgage “pre-approval.” With a pre-approval in hand, you are now officially able...


Get the Facts Since its beginnings in 1989 as a regional carrier, CommutAir has remained true to its employee-centric culture, valuing and promoting the contributions...

Commuting vs. Living at Base

Written By: Lori Lamb “Airline Pilot” sounds so fabulous and exciting. And it can be for the pilot and pilot family who living at base....

Ameriflight Continues to Hire Captains and First Officers

Ameriflight has the unique opportunity for low-time pilots to hire into the First Officer position on the Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia. Pilots with time as...

Green Laser Strikes at Newark

It was a cold crisp night last December; we had just been handed over to the Newark tower controller from New York approach control. ...


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