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Sharps RoastHouse


Just a stone's throw from SEATAC lies a culinary gem that is sure to satisfy your cravings after a day of flying. Sharps RoastHouse deserves far more space than I have here, but I'll do my best to convey its excellence. The owners come from a long line of restaurateurs dating back to the 1800s. Sharps was established in 1988 and has been turning the heads of both locals, weary aircrew and travelers alike. It’s a very short walk from baggage claim and on the way to several crew hotels.

I've been a regular at this establishment for years, and I can honestly say I've never had a disappointing meal or cocktail. Be forewarned, whatever you try first will set a high bar for your future visits and make it harder to select something else on the menu. The first menu item I will talk about was highly recommended by the staff, and I was stuck on it for a long time – the Beecher's Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. This fusion dish combines the creamy goodness of mac and cheese with the bold flavors of buffalo chicken breast, leaving you craving more. Made with four different types of Beecher's cheese, tossed with fresh sourdough noodles and rotisserie chicken, this dish is a generous portion that reheats beautifully if you can muster the strength to put the fork down.

Beecher's Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese
Prime Rib with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, sauteed Guemes Island Mushrooms, citrus Parmesan broccoli, stock-pot jus, and fresh horseradish

I would like to thank my readers for helping me summon the willpower to try something new this month – the Prime Rib. As you enter the restaurant, you'll spot the next day's Prime Rib on their unique cold smoker, where it sits for 13 hours before being cooked to a perfect medium rare. Arrive after 5 pm to savor this delectable dish, as it won't be ready before then. And don't get stuck in a holding pattern on your way to Seattle, as it's often sold out by 9 pm. Trust me, you won't have any leftovers because you won't be able to resist finishing every bite. The Prime Rib comes with sides of sour cream Yukon gold mashed potatoes, sautéed Guemes Island (Washington State) mushrooms, citrus Parmesan broccoli, stock-pot jus, and fresh horseradish. This is sold by the pound, and the ½ pound portion I had was plenty to leave me satisfied.

Full bar available at Sharps RoastHouse

Now for the cocktails. I enjoy sitting at the bar where on the wall is a massive wheel that is spun every hour, offering various deals on alcohol. If you are indecisive as I am, you will want to land on “bartender's choice,” where a made-from-scratch vodka martini was selected for me. This cocktail has been on the menu for over 25 years. Did I mention they have their own distillery? Norwest Spirits is the birthplace of this vodka that is distilled six times, delivering its delicious flavor and smooth finish. Next on my adventure, selected for me by my bartender guide, was the Savor Spear Bourbon Whiskey, which had a slightly smoky taste with a little sweetness on the front end. This can be served neat, over ice, or mixed as in an Old Fashioned. Of all the libations I have sampled, none disappoint.

With the variety of dishes and convenient location, this restaurant near SEATAC comes highly recommended from your traveling foodie. I hope you have a long enough overnight to partake in the accompaniment of adult beverages with what is sure to be one of the best meals you have had on the road. As I said before, this restaurant is addictive, and the chef will have you coming back for more.

What is your favorite restaurant when you layover in Seattle? I’d love to hear about the memorable spots you’ve encountered anywhere in your travels. Write me, foodie to foodie, at Aero Crew News to let me know. [email protected].

Sharp’s Roasthouse

18427 International Boulevard

Seatac, WA 98188

Author Victor Soler enjoying his visit to Sharps RoastHouse


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