Aero Crew News, April 2024


This month in Aero Crew News

Feature – Read this inspiring story of Captain Eric Gaffney triumph over his physical difference and how he inspires children to never give up on their aspirations despite their differences.

Baggage – Is being a pilot too large a part of your identity? Perhaps you need better balance.

Business Vector – Is the high demand for pilots waning? Our expert shares his insights.

Fitness Corner – Spring into action with a deliberate approach to your fitness.

Food Bites – Within walking distance of SEATAC, the gem that is Sharp’s RoastHouse can’t disappoint.

Grey Matter – The final installment of Disaster on the Road provides tips to help you be prepared.

Knowledge Base – Here, you’ll find fuel for thought about fuel management.

Love Flying – Bangkok, Thailand offers amazing sights, smells, tastes and smiles from its warm people.

Money – Explore your options when considering what to do with your Thrift Savings Plan.

Mortgage – Understanding what drives interest rates can help you gauge when it’s best to buy or refinance.

Perspectives – There is knowledge to be gained outside the cockpit, too.


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