Aero Crew News, June 2024


This month in Aero Crew News

Feature  – Get to know cargo carrier Kalitta Air and learn about their impressive corporate culture.

Aero Medical – This new column is dedicated to aviation medical law, pilots' medical rights, and the Pilot Mental Health Campaign

Baggage – NASA-inspired techniques help pilots deal with and overcome stress.

Business Vector – Compensation plans are complex, but clarity can be found here.

Coffee & Pretzels – Welcome our new monthly cartoon from pilot/cartoonist, Greg Kaley.

Fitness – Carbs, protein and fats, the building blocks of our diets are our “food for thought.”

Food Bites – Discover this gem in an otherwise sigh-worthy destination.

Grey Matter – Learn what resources you can tap into when disaster strikes and you’re on a trip.

Money – How “opportunity cost” can positively influence your spending and/or saving.

Mortgage – Those pesky, costly closing costs are explained in this succinct guide.

Perspectives – Saying yes to opportunity has its advantages but consider the pitfalls.


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