Cape Air Expands Pathway Program


Image provided by Cape AIr
Craig Bentley – Senior Vice President Pilot Sourcing and Industry Relations for Cape Air.

On behalf of the over 1100 Cape Air employees, it is my pleasure to welcome the Florida Institute of Technology to the Cape Air Pathway Program. I want to thank Dr. Korhan Oyman, Dean of the College of Aeronautics and Tim Rosser Assistant Professor, at the Florida Institute of Technology for seeing this agreement to fruition.

Today the airline industry is facing an unprecedented pilot shortage. Cape Air has made it our mission to create long-term solutions to mitigate this problem. By entering into this agreement with the Florida Institute of Technology we ensure the high-quality graduates of this school have a guaranteed path to an airline cockpit, the Institute has a robust cadre of flight instructors, and Cape Air has a consistent and steady stream of highly-skilled and qualified pilots to add to our workforce.

We are confident that this Pathway between Cape Air and the Florida Institute of Technology is a winning combination for a successful career path in aviation.


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