Letter From The Editor


You must wonder, what does Mt. Kilimanjaro have to do with aviation? Well, aside from the fact that it rises over 16,000’ into the space we fly, nothing at all. I have chosen to publish this story because one of our fellow aviators who has been an inspiration to me, took on the challenge to climb this massive volcano. Abingdon’s drive and vibe are incredible – as an aviator, as an entrepreneur and as a person.  

I first meet Abingdon Mullin at a Women in Aviation conference in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016, three years ago this month. A mutual friend had said, “She is an amazing woman, you have to talk to her and do a story about her!” He introduced us, and I agreed. 

I was truly inspired by her accomplishments back then and she continues to amaze me in her journeys. I hope you find her inspiring, too!

Fly and climb safe!

Craig Pieper


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