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Dear Reader,

I recently received a letter from Brian who questioned the value of The Grids, citing that they are largely out-of-date. Brian’s much welcomed feedback prompts me to address how The Grids are developed. While it may not be evident (and maybe we should see how we can fix that), the data in The Grids are about 90% user-generated. We rely primarily on readers (users) to provide what is published. Anyone with a contract from the airlines is encouraged to send a copy to us so that we can verify and include the information in The Grids. To identify the updated items, we shade monthly updates in blue. To address the issues of the bonuses, our contract analysts will investigate and update as we can. We have been working on a positive change for The Grids so I will encourage everyone to stand-by. Improvements are on the horizon.

We are an advertiser-supported publication, without paid subscription fees to our readers. Compared with other publications, our ad-to-content per page is calculated at 40% below the typical subscription magazines and 50% below subscription-free magazines. We are proud of this fact and consider our venture a service to our readers.

We gather the information that the airlines, regional and major, are willing to have published. And, we take great care to vet data the we receive from other sources. But, our greatest source for this data is our readers.

I’d like to thank Brian for bringing this to our attention and allowing me to encourage everyone to submit updates to [email protected].


Craig Pieper


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