Letter from the Publisher


Dear Readers,

“The new normal” is a term we hear often, but quite frankly, it’s a term I don’t like. We are all eager for our familiar way of life to return, but now, we have this new normal. When might we expect to revisit crowded airports, EDCT (estimated departure clearance times), ground delays or shut-downs forcing holding patterns? I don’t know about you, but I long for the days of oversold flights and ticket agents offering vouchers for passengers to take later flights. 

The hope is that  this “new normal” is short-lived and we will return to the what we used to know, or more likely, a new comfortable normality in which we can all breathe fearlessly. To paraphrase one airline’s old ad campaign, “Let us be free to move about the planet.”  None of us like what we’re going through or the sacrifices we have to make, but if complying helps, I will gladly do that and more. Personally, I’ve been through a lot of rough times in my life, and there is one phrase that always helped me endure, “This too shall pass.” 

Fly safe,

Craig Pieper


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