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Endeavor Air Proves Performance Matters, Delivers Strong Results in 2015

It’s late January, and forecasts along the Eastern Seaboard are calling for ice, record-setting snowfall and blizzard-like conditions from the middle of Virginia to midtown Manhattan. Flights in and out of the busiest airspace in North America are being impacted while members of the Endeavor Air Dispatch and Crew Scheduling teams work on contingency plans to adjust the operation to mitigate the brunt of the storm. Within 48 hours of the first snowflake falling, Endeavor had already adjusted the routing of its roughly 120 aircraft fleet to avoid being snowed under—a tactic that meant Endeavor was among the first to operate once the storm passed.

While Endeavor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, took 416 mainline-requested and weather cancellations during Winter Storm Jonas, the carrier did not incur a single controllable cancellation – a canceled flight an airline takes due to crew scheduling or maintenance issues. During what was one of the worst storms on record to hit the East Coast and New York City – where Endeavor operates crew bases in both JFK and LGA – the company was able to recover and resume normal operations within hours after the storm cleared the coast and headed into the Northern Atlantic Ocean.

Events like this seldom knock Endeavor off course, though. In fact, for the month of January, extending all the way to February 12, the airline didn’t take a single controllable cancellation  – a stretch of 43 days, 18 hours, and six minutes, or 21,873 consecutive flights.

Endeavor in 2015 recorded stretches of 10 or more days without a single controllable cancellation seven times – highlighted by a 42 day stretch during the peak summer months, including a perfect 100 percent CCF in July, 2015. In total, the airline delivered 281 days of 100 percent CCF, with 157 of those days recorded as 100 percent completion factor (CF) – a day with zero total cancellations.

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Performance-Driven Customer Service

Industry-leading operational performance is something its 3,700 employees are committed to. Endeavor offers a wide range of opportunities for career-focused aviation professionals. From maintenance positions out in the field keeping its fleet healthy and airborne, to a seat at the controls of a NextGen aircraft that makes up the largest fleet of Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft in the world, employees who join Endeavor are welcomed into an environment that allows them to thrive.

“While performance is a key metric for us, we’re looking for professionals who live and breathe the customer experience,” noted John Daly, Endeavor’s Chief Operating Officer. “From day one, when you join Endeavor, you notice the difference in how we deliver for our customers.”

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New employees learn about Endeavor’s Foundation of Flight, a handbook that serves as the guiding mantra by which all employees are expected to serve. Outlining the airline’s Mission Statement, Core Values, and several key guiding principles, the value of people is emphasized and engrained in everyone at Endeavor. That loyalty to each other and to Endeavor’s customers builds the trust that drives such stellar performance.

“By taking care of each other,” says Ryan Gumm, President and CEO, Endeavor Air. “We understand what it takes to take care of our customers.”

That customer, on a macro-level, is Delta Air Lines. On the front lines, Endeavor aims to deliver a seamless product for Delta customers who step across the threshold of an Endeavor regional jet to connect with their mainline flights at many of the major bases Delta serves. From gate to gate, Endeavor places a major emphasis on communication, cleanliness, and anticipating the needs of a customer before they need them.

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Growing Opportunities

By delivering the consistent, reliable performance Endeavor registers each day, the airline is planning to expand the reach of its network to deliver even greater impact for Delta. In early 2016, Endeavor announced it would be adding at least 17 additional CRJ-200 aircraft to its fleet, increasing its total aircraft to at least 134 airplanes.

This growth is creating an increased demand for pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and support staff at Endeavor’s Minneapolis-based headquarters. The company recently announced a goal of hiring at least 720 pilots, 400 flight attendants and more than 200 Aviation Maintenance Technicians and stores clerks in 2016.

“Endeavor has become the benchmark for Delta’s regional product, which will provide additional growth opportunities in the future,” noted Ryan Gumm. “We’re always looking at opportunities to support Delta’s regional flying, which may include growth beyond that CRJ-200 product.”

Endeavor offers innovative incentives for prospective aviation professionals to join the team. Whether it’s the Delta Guaranteed Interview Program, which allows Endeavor to offer pilots the only defined career path to Delta, or the Endeavor Priority Resume Review Program for mechanics, which gives Endeavor employees a preferred screening priority over external candidates for Delta AMT and ASM positions, Endeavor’s relationship as Delta’s wholly-owned regional airline affords candidates a strong career path for those looking to expand their reach beyond Endeavor.

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Why Choose Endeavor?

Pilots starting their path to a mainline carrier are enjoying the fruits of a favorable job market. Whether they want earnings potential, upgrade potential, or career progression, many regional carriers are pitching similar messages. However, what Endeavor can offer a prospective pilot is something no other carrier can match – support, stability and security.

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Support – Endeavor is committed to delivering a family-like culture rooted in professionalism, respect, and support for all 3,700 employees across its network. By offering a work environment that mirrors its mainline partner, Endeavor is able to provide an operation that adheres to its values, while following its company Flight Plan.

Stability – Endeavor is on a positive growth trajectory after stabilizing its fleet strategy, and delivering a consistent, reliable product that Delta’s customers can count on. Recently praised as the “Gold standard of regional airlines” by Gil West, Delta’s Chief Operating Officer, Endeavor has the commitment of Delta to grow Endeavor and make the carrier its preferred regional carrier. The future offers unparalleled opportunities for aspiring aviation professionals.

Security – Having secured its place as the best performing regional carrier, Endeavor has solidified its place in critical network locations for Delta. With the healthiest fleet, most reliable employees and consistent results, Endeavor will continue to be a strong and secure regional carrier.

For pilots looking to start or continue their career in the regional industry, there isn’t an airline that can offer the type of compensation package that Endeavor offers over the first three years with the company. When all training and retention payments are factored in, a first year pilot at Endeavor can  earn at least $50,000; over the first three years, that same pilot could earn at least $159,000 – before upgrade. With upgrade times rapidly falling, a pilot hired today could expect to upgrade and move on to Delta through the DGI Program within five years.

For pilots interested in a career at Endeavor, contact the Endeavor Pilot Outreach Team. The airline staffs this hotline with line pilots five days a week, ready to answer questions about opportunities for career-focused pilots. Call 612.266.1470 or email [email protected] with questions, and be sure to visit EndeavorAir.com to start the application process today.


Minneapolis, MN (MSP)

Crew Bases

MSP, Detroit (DTW),

New York City (LGA, JFK)

Maintenance Bases

MSP, DTW, LGA, JFK, Cincinnati (CVG), Des Moines (DSM), Indianapolis (IND), Knoxville (TYS), Mosinee, WI (CWA)

Total Employees


Total Pilots


Fleet Type

Bombardier CRJ-900 – 81

Bombardier CRJ-200 – 53

(by August, 2016)

Photo by Endeavor Air

Website – www.EndeavorAir.com

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/9EAir

Twitter – www.Twitter.com/EndeavorAir

Instagram – www.Instagram.com/EndeavorAir

Email[email protected]

Phone – 612-266-1470

Interview with Lindsey Dam, Manager, Pilot Recruitment, Endeavor Air

Pre Interview:

Craig: How do you select applicants to be brought in for an interview?

Lindsey: At Endeavor Air, candidates are selected to be brought in for an interview based on a review of their application and qualifications that meet the First Officer job requirements posted in the job description on our EndeavorAir.com career website.

C: Can you explain the point system associated with online application process and what types of things count for points?

L: Endeavor Air does not use a point system associated with our online application process. However, we do have a structured internal review and checklist of the application.

C: What can an applicant do to increase their chances of being called for an interview?

L: An applicant can increase their chances for being considered for an interview by ensuring the online application and addendum is filled out completely.  Attention to detail and thoroughness to ensure clear and concise information on the applicant’s background and experience is always taken into consideration.

C: How critical is it to attend a job fair to get an interview?

L: Attending a job fair is always a great opportunity for applicants to meet and obtain more information about Endeavor Air and our First Officer Position. In 2016, our Pilot Outreach Team will be attending more than 150 job fairs, university events, and flight academies. It is not critical to attend a job fair to get an interview. An applicant is welcome to call into the Pilot Recruitment Team hotline

Monday-Friday at 612-266-1470.  Our phones are staffed by Endeavor pilots, not HR recruiters, who are happy to answer any and all questions.

C: What is the best way to prepare for an interview with Endeavor Air?

L: The best way to prepare for an interview is to be well prepared and be able to speak in detail about your education, training and work experience. We also look to hear about a candidate’s exceptional customer service experiences. We want a candidate who understands that becoming a pilot at Endeavor is about more than just flying the aircraft.


C: Do you recommend that applicants get to your headquarters city the day before and get a hotel room for the night?

L: At Endeavor, we provide our candidates with a professional and thoughtful experience.  Therefore, candidate’s travel arrangements for air, ground and hotel are made and paid for by Endeavor. This allows our candidates to be well rested, relaxed and prepared to share their experience and training.  In return, Endeavor wants to share our hospitality and company’s great culture. The spirit of our team will show you that the decisions you make today will provide you with a great future tomorrow.

C: Can you walk me through a typical day of interviews?

L: A typical interview day starts with our Pilot Recruitment team welcoming new candidates at the door with a company escort into our Endeavor Air Headquarters in Minneapolis. We start the visit with a company presentation by our Pilots, followed by a question and answer session.  We move on to the face to face Interview with our Pilot Recruitment Team, concluding with an evaluation and determination/outcome of the interview. If the candidate is successful in earning a Contingent Job Offer (CJO), we will work with the candidate to identify their class date.  Lunch is provided, followed with a company provided taxi back to the airport and a confirmed plane ticket back home.

C: What kind of questions can an applicant expect to be asked?

L: Endeavor asks questions about Education and previous Work History, Behavioral and Situational questions, Systems and Technical questions and we follow up with a reading of an Approach Chart and Weather Reports.

C: Can you give me some examples of the TMAAT questions that you like to ask?

L: Tell me about a time you were supposed to fly and didn’t go. Describe the situation – detail the action and steps you took – tell me about the result and outcome?

C: If the TMAAT question being asked does not apply to that applicant can that question be skipped?

L: The questions asked by Endeavor interviewers apply to a broad Pilot applicant pool.

C: What are some of the biggest mistakes that applicants make during the interview process?

L: For any interview, mistakes can be avoided – or at least minimized – by being well prepared to speak on behalf of your education, training and work experience. Calm those nerves and be prepared.

Post Interview:

C: Do you tell applicants they are hired in person that day?

L: Endeavor’s interview process includes making a CJO of Employment the day of the interview.

C: How soon can an applicant expect a class date after being hired?

L: Upon receiving a CJO, Endeavor will work with the candidate to select a class date before leaving the headquarters. Endeavor offering classes through December 2016. Depending upon availability – a start date could be scheduled as soon as two weeks out.


C: How many pilots does your airline expect to hire this year?

L: Endeavor plans to hire 720 pilots in 2016.

Photo by Endeavor Air

C: Can you explain the ATP-CTP class that your company offers?

L: At Endeavor, we offer the ATP-CTP class to pilots who meet the course requirement criteria and who have been offered a Contingent Job Offer to join the company.  Endeavor pays for the ATP-CTP course, Airfare and Hotel while attending the class.

C: Do you have a hiring bonus? Is there any specific criterion to qualify for the bonus?

L: Endeavor offers an industry leading compensation package of more than $50,000 in total annual earnings for first year pilots. This package includes $23,000 in additional income every year through December 2018 for all Pilots. The schedule of these payouts for additional income is pursuant to the provisions of Endeavor’s contractual Pilot Retention Program.

C: Does Endeavor Air have a pilot referral program?

L: Yes. Endeavor offers all employees a $2,000 Pilot Referral Bonus, paid upon that candidate’s successful completion of flight training. In fact, in 2015, Endeavor paid out nearly $180,000 in bonuses to Endeavor employees who referred a Pilot that successfully completed training. Please read more about how you can participate on EndeavorAir.com, under Careers – Pilot Referral.

C: Can you describe the career path program that Endeavor has with Delta Air Lines?

L: Endeavor is proud to be the only regional airline to offer a defined career path to Delta Air Lines. Endeavor’s Delta Guaranteed Interview Program allows new hire Pilots to fly at Endeavor and then earn a guaranteed interview.  Once a Pilot meets all program guidelines and Delta qualifications, which include serving two years as a Captain at Endeavor, Endeavor pilots will be eligible to interview at Delta. Once offered a mainline CJO, successful Endeavor pilots will begin their career with Delta. If a Pilot wants to fly for Delta, there is no better path that flying with Endeavor.


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