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_SkyWest_Blue_SmallSkyWest Airlines pilots have more opportunities than anywhere else, allowing them to truly take control of their careers. SkyWest leads the industry as the airline, employer and investment of choice, and in recent months has inked new ying agreements with each of their four mainline partners – United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. With 50 E175s today, and more than 100 planned to join the eet by mid-2017, SkyWest is also bringing on more new aircraft than any other regional airline. Put it together, and it’s clear that SkyWest pilots have more opportunity, exposure and access than any other regional pilot in the industry.

In addition to more opportunities for tomorrow, SkyWest also o ers its pilots a better quality of life today. SkyWest pilots receive the best training, have access to 15 domiciles across the country, can expect in upgrade in two and a half years or less, and industry-leading bene ts, including 401(k) matching, travel privileges with multiple major carriers and pro t-sharing bonuses. These professional aviators at SkyWest enjoy all these benefits, plus near-top industry pay and the opportunity to work at an airline with incredible financial strength and stability unmatched by its competitors.

What truly sets SkyWest Airlines apart, however, is the strong culture of professionalism, teamwork and success that permeates the company from top to bottom. It’s a culture highly sought after by aviation professionals, and one that has stood the test of time. Across countless evolutions within the industry, SkyWest has remained successful and stable. The secret for this unmatched operational and nancial success is the Company’s well-known focus on taking care of its people. SkyWest cultivates respect amongst peers and thoughtfully invests in opportunities that allow it to position its people for success.

Now is a great time to join the SkyWest team. Today, SkyWest’s nearly 4,000 pilots operate more than 1,800 ights each day to more than 200 destinations throughout North America. But it doesn’t stop there – SkyWest is currently hiring new pilots to support the company’s growth and new aircraft. The application process is simple and streamlined, making it easy to begin taking control of your career today. Simply complete the application on and a pilot recruiter will reach out to set up a convenient time for your interview. Take Control of Your Career. Apply at SkyWest Airlines today.

skywest-02For a better idea of what it takes, we talked to Tracy Gallo, vice president of Flight Operations at SkyWest Airlines about what makes a successful candidate at SkyWest:


How do you select applicants to be brought in for an interview?

SkyWest pilots are top tier and experience some of the best training in the industry. We look for professionals with great attitudes who are looking to work on an exceptional team. Once someone lls out the application for the rst o cer position at, we evaluate their quali cations, ensure they have

what they need or help them secure any additional things like their CTP or work with them until they complete their 1,500 hours or FAA-approved equivalent; and if they’re ready we set up an interview.

Can you talk me through a typical interview?

The interview is an important process for the pilot and for SkyWest. We really want to get to know the applicants and test their knowledge about safely operating an aircraft in a 121 environment. Candidates can expect a few hours for an interview. Right before the interview starts, we give candidates a brief introduction and let them know what to expect during their interview. We spend some time going through a CRM scenario, go over their Jeppesen knowledge, aircraft systems, and review FARs and some general HR questions. This covers 121 rules, approach procedures, en route chart knowledge and symbology, jet aerodynamics and high-speed ight characteristics and similar topics. After the interview we debrief and let the candidate know how they did.

When do you tell applicants if they are hired?

We’re very quick. If the candidate is exceptional, they can receive an o er on the spot. At most, you’ll hear back within a few days of the interview.

skywest-03Can you explain the ATP-CTP class that your company offers?

If a pilot applies and passes the interview but still needs to complete their ATP written exam, we will cover the cost of the ATP-CTP course, plus travel and lodging, to ensure they meet that requirement.

Does SkyWest have a cadet program?

Yes, the SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program provides a direct path for exceptional pilots to become a SkyWest Airlines pilot. This is an awesome program that gives pilots a clear pathway as they complete their training. Anyone with 250 hours and a CFI can become a SkyWest cadet, and then once they’re enrolled [at], they receive a SkyWest date of hire, access to pilot mentors who help them along the way, enhanced introduction to the company with a tour of our facilities, interview tips and of course a guaranteed nal interview.

What other incentives does SkyWest provide?

Well, in addition to the great quality of life, culture of teamwork and professionalism, access to four major carriers, top-tier pay, bene ts and pro t sharing, SkyWest is currently o ering a $7,500 bonus to any new pilot who comes to SkyWest with a type rating for any turbo jet aircraft over 12,500 lbs or who are currently quali ed Part 121 or Part 135 pilots. The bonus is paid out once they complete their IOE. We also have tuition reimbursement plans with certain schools and of course, the Pathway Program. So there are a lot of great opportunities at SkyWest for pilots who want the best possible aviation career. Anyone who wants to learn more can visit for details.




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