Anthony Lorenti

Anthony earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Business Management. Beyond his primary vocation as a Citation Sovereign 680+ captain, Anthony has expertise in a variety of areas in aviation safety including aircraft crash, fire and rescue, and aviation weather. In addition to writing for Aero Crew News’ Squall Line weather column, he is a contributor to the Aviation Fire Journal. Anthony is a volunteer firefighter and an FAA Safety Team representative providing education to local pilot and firefighting communities.

Gustnado – another Vortex in the Sky!

While writing for Aero Crew News, I’ve shared commentary about various specific “breeds” of thunderstorms. While they differ from one another in many ways, they all...

Low-Level Jet Streams and their Hazards to Flight

I bring to your attention the existence of low-level jet streams or “low-level jets” (LLJ), as they are sometimes called. Some guidance on LLJs...


The blizzards on the menu at Dairy Queen served by smiling teenagers are wonderful. Not so for the ones delivered by Mother Nature.  What does...

Lake Effect Snow

It is that time of year, Lake Effect snow (LES) and its hazards are upon us. Here, I’ll briefly address the science behind this...

Baroclinic Leaf Pattern

Autumn is upon us and trees are sporting their brilliant hues which has made me think about leaves. But alas, this isn’t about the...

Another Useful Gauge for your Toolkit

When meteorologists determine atmospheric instability, they quantitatively measure and represent various atmospheric conditions. Two important atmospheric conditions they examine to quantify and express as...

Outflow Boundaries

An outflow boundary is also known as a “gust front.” No doubt, each of us knows the importance of recognizing a gust front and...

Heat Bursts!

HEAT BURST A heat burst is an extraordinarily rapid increase in temperature. Though rare, they often occur at night and can be accompanied by ferocious...

What are You Looking at?

While this title may sound like the opening line of an ensuing barroom brawl, my aim to address radar. Just as your airborne radar...

What you can’t see, can hurt you!

First, the good news: For many years prior to airborne radar technology, pilots safely navigated areas of convection. Fast forward to today, the advent...

Connect Airlines Builds a Smarter, Greener Company

Connect Airlines is looking for captains and first officers who want to seize a smarter, more profitable career opportunity that removes their shackles from...

Letter from the Publisher

Dear readers, Tis the season for contract negotiations! It seems as though almost every airline and its union are developing a new agreement in principle (AIP)...


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