Anthony Lorenti

Anthony earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Business Management. Beyond his primary vocation as a Citation Sovereign 680+ captain, Anthony has expertise in a variety of areas in aviation safety including aircraft crash, fire and rescue, and aviation weather. In addition to writing for Aero Crew News’ Squall Line weather column, he is a contributor to the Aviation Fire Journal. Anthony is a volunteer firefighter and an FAA Safety Team representative providing education to local pilot and firefighting communities.

We’re Going to Need Better Resolution!

Have you ever tried using your airborne weather radar at 300 NM range? Were you able to make sense of the convective picture around...

The Storm Prediction Center:

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The Meteorological Bomb

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Flying Intentionally Into Adversity

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Our Side of the Weather Desk

Meriden, Connecticut is home. My time with Expressjet goes back to the ATR-42 in 1999. I served as both a first officer and captain....

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