The Ultimate Chicken and Waffle Sandwich!

Les 3 Brasseurs, Montreal


I recently had the pleasure of staying downtown in Montreal and my First Officer, Ryan, guided me to this great place called Les 3 Brasseurs.  3 Brasseurs is at the corner of Rue Saint-Catherine and Rue Crescent and it was about a 10-minute walk from our hotel.  While the temperature was -12 degrees Celsius (10* F) we still wanted to venture out for a cold beer and some good food.

The streets and sidewalks were covered with a dirty slush mix and my only thought was, these shoes need to go back in my bag later, not cool.  Regardless, we trekked on to this destination that Ryan had insisted we go to.  We got to the restaurant around 4:30 PM and the evening crowd had not yet rolled in.  We took two empty seats at the bar and immediately were handed newspaper like menus.

After a couple of onsite made craft brews I decided to order some food.  Being the adventures food eater that I am, I asked the very friendly and attractive bartender, Claudia, what is the best thing on the menu here.  She immediately went to the Chicken and Waffles.  The menu describes it as, “Buttermilk marinated chicken dusted with seasoned flour and fried, crisp smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion & mayo sandwiched between two sweet Belgian waffles.”  Seeing that it was new to the menu and it was created by one of the employees there, I figured it was worth a try.

Chicken and Waffles. Photo taken by Craig Pieper

Before I ordered this monster of a sandwich, Ryan chimed in and mentioned the last time he was here, his Captain almost ordered it, but didn’t.  Instead he found a Thai food restaurant and was sorely disappointed.  With that I quickly order one for myself.  Danny if you are reading this, next time, order the Chicken and Waffles!

This beast of a sandwich looks as good as it taste.  There’s a very distinct taste of maple syrup in the Belgian waffle sandwich that holds the perfectly breaded and seasoned fried chicken breast.  The mayo provided is also mixed on site with mustard that added a perfect mix to this already tasty sandwich.  Of course, there’s nothing better than a great sandwich and a good beer to wash it down.  I went with their Stanley Stout.

As always, please enjoy any type of alcoholic beverage responsibly.

If you have any great spots to eat at, feel free to share them with us…

3 Brasseurs

1356 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest,

Montréal (Québec), Canada


SOURCEAero Crew News, March 2017
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