Aero Crew News, February 2024


This month in Aero Crew News

Feature – PSA might offer just what you’re looking for.

Business Vector – Corporate aviation issues related to unions and one-aircraft/two-pilot operations are explored.

Fitness – Learn how intermittent fasting and interval training might be for you.

Food Bites – Lickety Splits in Atlanta serves Southern love on a plate.

Grey Matter – Part 2 of the story about one pilot’s confrontation with a disaster at home while on a trip.

Love Flying – Let’s explore Pura Vida in Costa Rica!

Money – Don’t fret the taxman, just be prepared.

Mortgage – Understand seller-credit options often available to home buyers.

Perspectives – In our careers, we likely learn more from adversities than from our successes.

Squall Lines – Review the science, the tools and mitigation strategies when facing windshear.


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