Mike Davis

Captain Mike Davis is a Captain/Check Airman for a major international airport, currently based in Charlotte NC. Mike is a 32-year veteran with 17,000 hours of flight experience presently flying the Airbus A330. Mike holds an ATP with 9 type ratings and CFI certification. Mike can be reached at davismd1@gmail.com.

Top Ten Ways to Blow an Airline Interview (So You Don’t)

Pilots handle stress as part of our profession. Every pilot remembers the stress of their first FAA check ride, their first low approach, or the...

Stall Recognition and Extended Envelope Training for Pilots

In late 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration released Advisory Circular 120-109A, Stall Prevention and Recovery Training. The AC was released in response to accident reviews...

Buying Your First Airplane

So, it’s finally looking like the flying/pilot gig is going to work out and you’ve decided it’s time to look into owning that private...

Remembering one from our nation’s “Greatest Generation”

In his bestseller, The Greatest Generation, NBC Anchorman Tom Brokaw wrote about the men and women who grew up in the Great Depression, fought...

I’ve lost My iPad

I don’t know about you, but I spend an inordinate amount of my time keeping track of both my iPad and iPhone. With most...

Managing a Diversion

Despite media attention and the endless stream of complaints leveled at our airlines, the fact remains that we complete the vast majority of our...

Leading the Way into NextGen

For the past few years, we have been hearing a great deal about “NextGen” from the DOT, FAA and the various industry groups. The...

Pass Riding: The Unwritten Common Sense Rules

Well, this may not be everything you need to know, but it is the basics, at least. As you interview, consider your options. When...

May I Ride your Jumpseat?

“May I ride your jumpseat?” is a phrase repeated hundreds of times a day among airline pilots in the United States, and likely, around...

Almost Famous

By now most everyone in the United States, and frankly all over the world, has either seen or heard about the story of Captain...

Connect Airlines Builds a Smarter, Greener Company

Connect Airlines is looking for captains and first officers who want to seize a smarter, more profitable career opportunity that removes their shackles from...

Letter from the Publisher

Dear readers, Tis the season for contract negotiations! It seems as though almost every airline and its union are developing a new agreement in principle (AIP)...


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