ABX Air Pilot 2024 Agreement


Editorial photo credit: Angel DiBilio / Shutterstock.com

The ABX Air pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association, ratified an extension to their collective bargaining agreement, securing increases in pay, retirement, and per diem while extending the prior agreement (amendable in 2026) through the year 2030.

“Pilot contract negotiations are typically a long process, oftentimes spanning a duration of several years,” said Randy Riesbeck, Executive Council Chairman for the ABX Air Pilots. “We went into discussions presenting the most important issues affecting our pilots and were able to work collaboratively with our management team to get the deal done. We consider it a significant achievement that, in a matter of days, we were able to come to reasonable terms for an amended agreement that provides incentives for the pilot group and ensures long-term labor stability for the company and our customers.”

Over the life of the agreement pilots will see an 88% increase in retirement, a 48% increase in per diem, and a pay rate increase on today’s rates of 20% total. It is notable that the agreement provides an avenue for ongoing negotiations so that improvements can be agreed to and implemented over time in order to address pilot concerns and also account for the needs of the operation.

Ninety-six percent of voting pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association, voted in favor of the agreement.


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