Alaska Airlines delivers an industry-leading operation during a busy summer season 


With the best on-time rate and least number of cancels in the industry, Alaska Airlines served more than 12.6 million guests on 100,000 flights over the summer, delivering an operation guests can count on during a busy summer season. 

Now that fall is right around the corner, we’re proud to say Alaska Airlines ran the best operation this summer — and it’s all thanks to our 23,000 employees. We operated more than 100,000 flights and safely connected 12.6 million guests (600,000 more than last year) to places and people they love. 

Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, Alaska had the highest completion rate (meaning the lowest rate of cancelled flights) of any other airline – completing 99.7% of scheduled flights and led the industry in on-time performance.  

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We take pride in delivering a reliable operation for our guests who depend on us. This summer, we were firing on all cylinders, and we plan to continue this operational excellence as guests entrust us with their holiday travel. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard again. 

We have proven that we can do anything when we work together as a team. We have shown that every flight matters and every guest matters. We earn the trust and loyalty of our guests by delivering on our promises every day and the contributions of every team member makes all the difference,” said Constance von Muehlen, Alaska Airlines Chief Operating Officer. 

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For over 75 years Alaska Airlines, and the people who make us who we are, have been guided by integrity, caring, ingenuity, professionalism, and a unique spirit. A spirit that was has grown out of our geographical roots. We are product of our history and the amazing people found throughout it. Today, that product looks like a long list of aviation milestones, paired with countless stories of people going above and beyond to help others. All of these milestone, good deeds, and community involvement have grown us from a small regional airline to an international carrier. With more than 17 million customers a year, our route system spans over sixty cities and 3 countries. Our fleet of Boeing aircraft is one of the most modern in the industry and gives us our reputation for outstanding service.


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