Cape Air Announces The Horizon Pilot Pathways Program


Cape Air and Horizon Air are pleased to announce the Horizon Pilot Pathways Program. The program is designed to provide a defined path for Cape Air pilots interested in future flying with Horizon Air Industries.  The purpose of the program is to help pilots gain necessary experience through employment with Cape Air. In turn, this enables them to obtain the prerequisite qualifications to be recognized as a qualified and desirable candidate for a position at Horizon.

James Fletcher, Director of Pilot Sourcing and Industry Relations, remarked, “We are very happy to partner with Horizon Airlines to offer a pathway for our pilots who want to live and work on the west coast as they advance in their careers. Our two companies share a need to find well-qualified, experienced pilots with an ability to fly in all types of weather and environments. We also share a similar corporate culture and concern for the growth of our pilots, which makes this agreement a natural fit”

“Horizon is very happy to partner up with such an outstanding company as Cape Air and establish a relationship that will provide talented pilots to both companies for year to come” said Horizon Chief Pilot, Carlos Zendejas.

The Pilot Pathways Program is offered to all current and future Cape Air pilots who obtain the level of Captain at Cape Air. Available positions with Horizon will be offered in order of Cape Air Seniority Number, not in the order in which the pilot interviews. A Cape Air pilot who has met the minimum qualifications for the Pilot Pathways Program and successfully completes their interview, will be placed into the Horizon “Hiring Pool” in order of their Cape Air Seniority Number. 

On a quarterly basis, Horizon will review all pilots in the program to determine if they have met/continue to meet “Minimum Qualifications.”  During the “Quarterly Reviews,” Alaska Airlines’ Recruiting Department, working in conjunction with Horizon’s Chief Pilot Office will offer employment opportunities (“Hiring Dates”) at Horizon to pilots within the Hiring Pool in order of Cape Air Seniority Number, subject to successful completion of a Records Review.

Pilots will remain in the Hiring Pool until they withdraw from the program, become ineligible to participate, or they are offered a position with Horizon.

Visit for more information and detailed qualifications for the Pilot Pathways Program with Horizon.



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