Eve Air Mobility Partners with Flexjet for Urban Air Mobility Simulation


* Flexjet's helicopter fleet was used to mimic eVTOL aircraft in flights over London
* This world-first software trial this month provided significant insights into the ecosystem required to support future eVTOL operations

Eve Air Mobility (“Eve”) (NYSE: EVEX; EVEXW) has partnered with global private aviation leader Flexjet in a real-time software trial, the first of its kind, which will help pave the way towards the widespread use of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) has the capability to dramatically improve the affordability and accessibility of urban flights for communities and transform the future of urban transportation, bringing the potential for quieter, cleaner and more efficient services for passengers.

The partnership brought together Eve's Urban Air Traffic Management (Urban ATM) software solution for UAM vehicles operating in low-level airspace, including drones, helicopters and eVTOLs, and Flexjet's UK helicopter division. Flexjet's group of companies is one of Eve's Urban ATM Fleet Operator customers.

With London being one of the world's foremost helicopter markets and a key focus for future eVTOL operations, the simulation took place over four days this month at Flexjet's Tactical Control Centre at Farnborough Airport, UK, and saw Eve's Urban ATM software shadowing live Flexjet helicopters, which acted as substitutes for eVTOL aircraft during the exercise. 

Leading helicopter provider Flexjet operates in both the UK and the United States – alongside its global fleet of fixed-wing private aircraft – and its participation supports the company's push towards more sustainable aviation, as well as responding to growing consumer demand. 

During the simulation, Flexjet's fleet of 11 helicopters performed the routine and non-regular flights showcasing the future services that will be essential to enable and scale future UAM operations through Eve's Urban ATM software and was supported by the UK National Air Traffic Service (NATS) and London Heliport.

“This collaboration with Flexjet represents a significant step forward in our efforts to advance urban air mobility,” said Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve. “We are committed to exploring innovative solutions that will enhance current operations and contribute to the future of urban flights.”

Eli Flint, Flexjet President of Global Helicopter Operations, said:  “We were delighted to provide Flexjet's UK helicopter expertise and to play a key role in forging the UAM ecosystem of tomorrow, helping to inform the movements of the next generation of vertical aircraft. Flexjet is dedicated to advancing the aviation solutions that will meet our customers' needs over the coming years, and we are excited by the potential of eVTOLs for seamless and sustainable electric short-range flights.”

The simulation included various elements, including regular business operations, atypical scenarios and flights tailored to an eVTOL aircraft's specific needs. This enabled the demonstration of product behaviour in various real-world scenarios. 

Eve's objective is to provide insights into the services required to support future eVTOL operations safely and efficiently, as well as investigating whether these new services may have immediate value for existing helicopter operations. 

This innovative collaboration between Eve and Flexjet is a testament to their commitment to shaping the future of urban air mobility and providing efficient and sustainable solutions for the future of urban transportation.

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About Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions (Eve) Eve is a new, independent company dedicated to accelerating the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem. Benefitting from a startup mindset, backed by Embraer’s more than 50-year history of aerospace expertise, and with a singular focus, Eve is taking a holistic approach to progressing the UAM ecosystem, with an advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL) project, a comprehensive global services and support network, and a unique air traffic management solution. Eve is the first company to graduate from EmbraerX. For more information, visit www.eveairmobility.com. About EmbraerX EmbraerX is a market accelerator committed to developing solutions that transform life’s experiences. This Embraer S.A. disruptive innovation subsidiary is based on Florida’s Space Coast in Melbourne, integrated with the Company’s engineering team in Brazil, and dedicated to collaborating with global innovation communities.


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