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At CommutAir, we offer pilots the fastest route to a United Airlines Flight Deck. In 2016, after United acquired a 40% ownership interest in the company, we became the first United partner to offer United’s Career Path Program (CPP) as we began our transition to an all-jet fleet. While the CPP has now been extended to 2 other partners, it is on terms that are significantly less attractive, making CommutAir’s United Career Path Program twice as fast.

CommutAir pilots departed for United, under the CPP in our very first year United’s commitment is to accept a double-digit proportion of their new hires through the CommutAir CPP – which means almost every CommutAir pilot will get called up within a few months of fulfilling the CPP requirements! Today, our CPP graduates are flying everything from A320s to 737s across various bases.

In addition, our rapid growth (we will triple our fleet by 2019) will see our pilot rosters triple in size over the next two years – which means you will hold a line and earn your hours at CommutAir and depart for United quickly. Whether you find yourself stuck in a long “CPP” queue at another regional or are new to the industry we are confident the path we offer is something to consider. And if you needed further inducement – here are TWO:

  • We have increased our sign-on bonus to $22,100, and pay for your ATP
  • If you need a George Zimmer-like “guarantee” on your progression at CommutAir, we just announced that every incoming pilot will be guaranteed Captain pay after 1 year of line qualification. We are so confident that we will not have to pay you, because of our growth, that we are guaranteeing to pay you! How is that for twisted logic!

Talk to us about your goals, and we will help curate your success story. We can be reached at or 440-779-4588 ex 399. Or of course, you can flip that switch at


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