Jet Linx Continues to Serve Cuba

Jet linx continues to see demand for flights to cuba a year after achieving authorization to operate in the country.


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It’s been a year since U.S. airlines achieved authorization to operate in Cuba and just this week, many commercial airlines announced that they will be pulling back flights to the country. Despite this being the case, a steady demand for service to Cuba remains from Americans hoping to travel to the country.

Though commercial airlines are cutting back on flights, it’s not the case for private aviation companies such as Jet Linx. A private aviation company serving 14 cities across the U.S., Jet Linx celebrated its first anniversary for flight authorization to Cuba.

The company has successfully taken multiple flights to Cuba over the past year. Jet Linx continues to offer service to Cuba from the United States and assists clients in obtaining necessary permits and visas and in making arrangements for their trip.

Upon launching service to Cuba in March of 2016, Jet Linx partnered with Jetex Flight Support for support services in Cuba. Gordon Macari, International Trip Planning Duty Manager at Jetex, personally oversaw the first few trips that Jet Linx flew to Havana, and his team continues to assist all Jet Linx flights to Cuba.

“Having done business in Cuba for 10 years, Jetex is well versed on the location and offers tried and tested support on the ground from their partners,” said Meric Reese, Jet Linx Aviation Flight Coordination Manager. “We have had successful experiences on all of our trips to Cuba, and now that we’ve got a few trips under our belt, we are better and faster at executing these missions.”

Recently, Jet Linx was able to provide a client with a flight to Havana in just a few hours’ time. While this is not necessarily the norm, it affirms the team’s dedication to understanding how other countries operate, and to learning how to make things happen for clients that may otherwise seem impractical.


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