Jet Linx Stands Down Fleet for Annual Safety Summit


Jet Linx's executive leadership team and keynote speakers hosted the 7th Annual Safety Summit on June 13 in Omaha, Neb., standing down its entire retail flight operations for a full day as part of the Company's commitment to safety.

Company Hosts Its Seventh Consecutive All-Employee Day of Safety

Jet Linx, the only locally-focused private jet management and Jet Card company in the world, today completes its seventh consecutive Safety Summit, with more than 550 team members learning and leading together nationwide as part of the Company’s unwavering dedication to improving its industry-leading Safety Management System (SMS). Since hosting its first Safety Summit in 2017, Jet Linx remains the only air carrier in the United States to voluntarily ground its fleet of over 100 aircraft and cease retail flight operations for a full business day, enabling all team members in all roles and positions to assemble for the examination and improvement of safety practices and standards at the Company and for the aviation industry at large.

The Safety Summit was conducted by Jet Linx’s executive leadership team, as well as key authorities in the industry, to assess and advance all safety protocols, standards and practices. Presented under the theme of “5 to Fly: Shining a Light on Safety,” the seventh annual Safety Summit included an annual safety performance review, keynote addresses on stress management and high-performance execution strategy, as well as cyber security and other case studies relating to aviation safety.

“Our 5 to Fly initiative, a checklist system developed as a result of discussions at a previous Safety Summit event, focuses on critical details for each Jet Linx department to further ensure the safest of operations. This year's theme, ‘5 to Fly: Shining a Light on Safety,' serves as a powerful reminder of that program and of our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety in every aspect of our operations,” said Jamie Walker, President and CEO at Jet Linx. “The Safety Summit provides a platform for our team to come together, exchange knowledge, and reinforce our shared responsibility to safeguard our clients, team members, and aircraft.”

Keynote speakers included Anthony “AB” Bourke, a decorated F-16 fighter pilot and CEO and Founder of Mach 2 Consulting; Susan Sawatzky, President of In-Scope Solutions, an industrial psychologist who specializes in fatigue management and psychological health and safety in the workplace; and Mike Folkerts, Regional Air Safety Investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board. 

Bourke accumulated more than 2,700 flight hours in high-performance aircraft, flying tactical missions across the globe and was one of the first pilots to fly in homeland defense efforts in the aftermath of September 11th. In a keynote presentation, Bourke used his tactical knowledge and vast business management experience to explain how teams can reach peak performance and solve complex problems quickly by developing a feedback system to ensure continuous improvement. 

“I have watched the growth and success of Jet Linx since 1999,” Bourke stated. “They are true professionals who are committed to their clients’ needs and safety. I look forward to continuing to help them build on their culture of continuous improvement.”

Sawatzky is well known for her engaging seminars and systematic approach to supporting clients in “the people part of safety.” Her international speaking and consulting work includes notable clients such as NASA. Folkert’s experience as a senior air safety investigator for the last 11 years included a case study on the infamous helicopter crash involving Kobe Bryant. 

“From what I have seen, Jet Linx is ahead of many in the industry in terms of addressing safety concerns and looking at risks not often addressed, such as mental health and wellness,” noted Sawatsky.

Folkert also noted the progressive and thoughtful approach of the Safety Summit, commenting, “I am honored to have the opportunity to address the Jet Linx group of aviation professionals. The Company’s willingness to devote significant resources toward this forum highlights a strong commitment to safety, as gatherings like this are a fantastic way to share perspectives and best practices that will extend its already impressive safety culture. I’m very excited to contribute to the dialogue and eager to absorb the valuable insights.”

The Company’s ongoing efforts to bolster safety in all aspects of operations earned Jet Linx selection as the first operator worldwide to receive ARGUS’s (Aviation Research Group United States) new Platinum Elite safety ranking in 2021, the aviation industry’s first continuous monitoring evaluation system. The Company recently celebrated its WYVERN Wingman PRO certification, adding to existing IS-BAO Stage 3 and ARGUS Platinum Elite top safety ratings, making Jet Linx the first and only operator in the aviation industry to receive elite ratings from all three major third-party auditors.

“Safety is not just a checkbox at Jet Linx; our Safety Management System remains at the forefront of our every decision and our communications, which allows us to continue to offer the best private jet travel experience in the industry. The Safety Summit also serves as an opportunity to recommit to always doing the right thing, which is engrained in our organization’s cultural identity,” said RD Johnson, Jet Linx Vice President of Safety.

For more information on Jet Linx safety culture, visit or download the Safety as a Principle: the Jet Linx Safety Culture Whitepaper.


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