Jet Linx Takes Pro Pilot Culture to the Next Level with New Time & Tenure Career Pathway


Leading Private Aviation Company Reaffirms Commitment to Pilot Talent

 Jet Linx Aviation, the only locally-focused private jet management and Jet Card company in the world, today announces the launch of its new Time & Tenure Career Pathway, reaffirming its commitment to attracting and retaining top pilot talent. This new defined professional pathway for pilots in the Jet Linx workforce is aimed at providing more stability and predictability to pilots with defined titles and salary progression based on their total time and time in type, as well as their tenure with the Company. The pathway offers formalized salary bands and a clear matriculation from First Officer to Senior Captain across Light, Midsize, Super Midsize and Heavy jets in the Jet Linx nationwide fleet.

Under the Time & Tenure Career Pathway, Jet Linx pilots are rewarded for their continued service to the Company, as well as their cumulative expertise in their aircraft type. In the Light Jet and Midsize Jet categories, Jet Linx introduces the Junior Captain and Senior Captain positions, respectively. The Senior Captain role carries up to the Super Midsize Jet and Heavy Jet categories, offering pilots more opportunities for career advancement and recognition with well-defined titles and salary progression.

“Jet Linx has always been committed to providing its pilots with the best possible working environment and opportunities for career advancement,” said Jamie Walker, Jet Linx President & CEO. “With the launch of the Time & Tenure Career Pathway, our Company is taking our commitment to a pro-pilot culture to the next level. This groundbreaking program comes after many conversations and extensive feedback from our flight crews, carefully conducted over the course of many months.”

Through the Time & Tenure Pathway, current pilots at the Company can qualify as Junior Captains with fewer hours than Direct Entry Captain requirements, while enjoying captain pay and duty assignments. The Time & Tenure Career Pathway also allows pilots to earn Senior Captain status, saluting their continued service to the Company with five additional floating holidays and increased incentives for flight time. Senior Captains will enjoy a robust bonus program, including a substantial bonus at time of promotion as well as a significant bonus annually on the anniversary of that promotion. 

Additionally, Jet Linx pilots are the first to receive access to open positions, continue to enjoy priority in upgrades, and most importantly, will retain salary and benefits when moving to a new aircraft or size category. To ensure competitive compensation relative to the industry, Jet Linx pilots receive a compensation review every six months with a guaranteed annual merit increase. 

The announcement of the Time & Tenure Career Pathway comes following years of progressive hiring pathway development from the Company designed to create clear ways to enter aviation and extend flying careers. The most recent hiring pathway offers qualifying private jet pilots looking to change aircraft types the ability to join Jet Linx as a Direct Entry Captain, flying with captain pay and benefits while they build their time in type. In 2022, the Company launched a pipeline program with ATP Flight School, providing a direct pathway in First Officer positions for qualified individuals. A revolutionary pilot career lifecycle program dating back to 2020, Destination 225° offers a pilot pathway into Southwest Airlines from Jet Linx, as well as a pathway back to Part 135 operations for retiring Southwest pilots to extend their flight careers. The Aviators Continuing to Elevate (ACE) program similarly provides retiring airline pilots the ability to continue their flight career with flexible part-time flying. Through these programs, Jet Linx offers a myriad of pathways to create, elevate and extend the pilot professional journey. 

“Through our thoughtful and competitive programs, we have established a pro pilot culture at Jet Linx. Our flight crews typically live near their Bases and fly assigned tails, ensuring a comfortable work/life balance, the familiarity of their aircraft, and support of their local Base and our robust National Operations Center team. They will now benefit from the added stability, predictability, and recognition of the Time & Tenure Pathway for their professional career progression with our Company,” Walker announced. 

The Company recently celebrated its WYVERN Wingman PRO certification, adding to existing IS-BAO Stage 3 and ARGUS Platinum Elite top safety ratings, making Jet Linx the first and only operator in the aviation industry to receive top ratings from all three major third-party auditors.

For more information on Jet Linx and its Time & Tenure Career Pathway, as well as other career pathway programs offered by the Company, please visit


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