JetBlue Announces Record and Payment Dates for June 2023 Additional Prepayment to Spirit Stockholders


As previously announced, in connection with the Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of July 28, 2022 (the “Merger Agreement”), by and among JetBlue Airways Corporation (“JetBlue”) (NASDAQ: JBLU), Sundown Acquisition Corp., and Spirit Airlines, Inc. (“Spirit”) (NYSE: SAVE), JetBlue has set June 26, 2023, as the record date for the June 2023 prepayment to Spirit stockholders of $0.10 per Spirit share (the “June 2023 Additional Prepayment”), with payment of the June 2023 Additional Prepayment to occur on June 30, 2023. Pursuant to the Merger Agreement, Spirit stockholders as of the June 26, 2023, record date will be entitled to receive the June 2023 Additional Prepayment.


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