New SkyWest Pay Agreement


Image Courtesy of SkyWest

SkyWest pilots have approved a new pay agreement! This new agreement includes average scale increase of over 17% for SkyWest pilots and raises first-year First Officer pay to nearly $50,000. With overall pilot scales at the top of the industry, SkyWest pilots also receive Pilot Profit Sharing (PPS) – a bonus program no other regional offers with a guaranteed minimum and no cap on earnings.

On top of the significant pay increases, new work rules include 130% Productivity Pay and a 2:1 Duty Rig. These rules benefit every SkyWest pilot and add to SkyWest’s already top-tier work rules, including 100% deadhead pay, 100% cancellation pay and holiday pay for all pilots, even if they’re not scheduled to work. Plus, just recently, SkyWest added new policies giving pilots in-base hotels for cancellations and a new maternity leave policy that is far-and-away the best in the industry.

Additionally, this new pay agreement increased 401(k) matching so SkyWest pilots with over 20 years seniority now have 12% 401(k) matching.

With 20 domiciles, new aircraft, more pay and the best opportunity in the industry, now is the time to become a SkyWest pilot! Learn more on ACN


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