*UPDATED 9/5/2020* Over 38,000 Pilots, Flight Attendants and Airline Employees to be Furloughed


Aero Crew News and Aero Crew Solutions are working hard to keep up-to-date numbers on the amount of airline employees that are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is the current list of U.S. airlines and their furlough numbers. If you have any updates, please email us at info@aerocrewnews.com.

*Updated 9/5/2020* see below

*Updated 8/31/2020* Due to many of your emails we have been able to update several of the airlines below. We have also included airlines that are NOT furloughing. Please continue to send in your updates.

Major Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • Allegiant Air: 275 pilots, unknown flight attendants
  • American Airlines: 1,600 pilots, 8,100 flight attendants
  • Delta Air Lines: 1,940 pilots, unknown flight attendants
  • Frontier: 504 pilots, unknown flight attendants
  • Hawaiian: approximately 175 pilots, unknown flight attendants
  • JetBlue: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • Southwest: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • Spirit: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • SunCountry: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • United Airlines: 2,850 pilots, 15,000 flight attendants

Regional Airlines

  • Air Wisconsin: 130 pilots, 0 flight attendants *updated 9/5/2020*
  • CommutAir: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants (CommutAir is currently hiring)
  • Compass Airlines: ALL EMPLOYEES approximately 2,000
  • Endeavor: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • Envoy: 231 pilots **updated 8/30/2020**, 0 flight attendants
  • ExpressJet: ALL EMPLOYEES approximately 1,400 pilots, approximately 600 flight attendants
  • GoJet Airlines: 144 pilots + 77 voluntary furloughs *updated 9/5/2020*, unknown flight attendants
  • Horizon Airlines: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • Mesa: 581 pilots, 0 flight attendants **updated 9/1/2020**
  • Piedmont: 0 pilots *updated 9/4/2020*, unknown flight attendants
  • PSA: 723 pilots, 418 flight attendants, 45 positions in Engineering/Technical Services, Reliability, Maintenance Programs, Technical Publications and Aircraft Records.Outsourced to a company called CAVOK. **updated 8/30/2020**
  • Ravn Air Group: ALL PILOTS approximately 100
  • Republic Airways: 68 pilots *updated 9/5/2020*,
  • Skywest Airlines: 0 pilots, 0 flight attendants
  • Silver Airways: unknown pilots
  • Trans States Airlines: ALL EMPLOYEES approximately 1,000

Totals: 12,399 pilots, 24,618 flight attendants and 1,045 other airlines employees.

Total: 38,062 pilots, flight attendants and airline employees

Right now ALPA and several aviation labor groups are working hard to preserve as many jobs as possible by asking for a “clean” extension of the CARES Act Payroll Support Program and furlough protections until March 31, 2021. United Airlines, along with Airlines for America (A4A) support this effort as well.

Step 1

Send your Call-to-Action message to your Member of Congress. Your Legislative Affairs team will be strongly advocating on your behalf, but the most influential factor to your Representative is constituent input (especially in an election year). 

Don’t delay – act today:

Step 2 

Forward this article to friends and family, and ask them to complete the Call-to-Action as well.

Aero Crew News, Aero Crew Solutions, ALPA and all of your aviation friends thank you for your support in this critical time of need.


  1. I hope the airlines don’t get a 2nd bailout from taxpayer dollars. I’m for saving jobs but the airlines should have enough money saved up and if they don’t because of mismanaging money that’s not my problem as a tax payer.

    • U must feel the same way when the auto industry was in trouble
      As a retired f/a (United) remember how this country felt after 9/11. This is ten times worse. Pay now and help get this country on its feet or pay later

  2. Even in time of. Pandemic. Pilot s and Gas are given special attention that they will be furloughed. How about ordinary workers who already lost their jobs.

  3. the pilots of all airlines need more attention and support from all government institutions to be able to pass these moments of anguish and confinement.
    Save jobs


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