PSA and ALPA Work Together to Offer Pilots the Regional Industry’s Highest Pay


Photo provided by PSA.

PSA Airlines, along with ALPA leadership, announced changes to pilot pay that are effective April 1, 2019. Highlights of the new pay package include: year-one First Officer pay at $50.22 per hour; $18,000 new-hire signing bonus paid over a two-year period; and First Officer and Captain wage scale adjustments to ensure team members are progressing at top-of-industry rates until the time they are eligible to flow to American Airlines.

The PSA team and the ALPA MEC worked together to ensure that the parties are jointly making decisions that work to sustain and secure PSA’s future growth and to support its team of pilots with comprehensive benefits.

Pilots looking at PSA as a career option will see a more valuable, stable career path with compensation into the top bracket of industry and on-par with other industry leaders in pay. Driving structural changes to compensation is just one way to ensure PSA remains at the top of the industry to meet its pilot growth demands, which includes the commitment of operating 150 Bombardier CRJ aircraft.

Improved pay isn’t the only thing that makes PSA the best place to work for pilots to reach their career goals. With recent improvements such as industry-leading tiered premium pay which rewards pilots for productivity with accelerated pay rates for simply flying their awarded line, and flexible reserve rules that are the best in the regional industry, along with the quality of technical training, schedule flexibility, commitment to quality of life, and a true flow agreement to the world’s largest airline, American Airlines, PSA offers its pilot group the best and most rewarding pilot career path in the industry.For more information on how to join the PSA team, visit


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