Trans States Airlines Rolls Out Seniority Reservation Program


TSALogo9.22This unique program allows new hire pilots to come to training for two days, and then leave for up to 90 days to complete other commitments.  When pilots return to training, they already have up to 90 days of seniority and may NEVER sit reserve as a First Officer.

Seniority determines everything for pilots, including schedule, base assignment, and upgrade time.  Pilots are more likely to get their preferred base assignment right out of training with three months of seniority backing their bid.  Plus, pilots in the seniority reservation program reach year two pay in 9 months instead of 12 months.

Something else to consider is upgrade time.  Taking on 52 new aircraft in 2015-16 means that Trans States can offer one of the fastest Captain upgrades in the industry (12-18 months).  Fast Captain upgrades mean that Trans States pilots start earning PIC time fast.  And don’t expect to spend much time on reserve—Trans States pilots are spending two months or less on reserve before getting a line.

What’s more, pay at Trans States is among the best in the industry, and currently includes a $7,500 signing bonus.

Trans States Airlines is your smart choice for high pay and career progression. Visit to learn more and apply online.


SOURCEAero Crew News, August 2016
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When Trans States Airlines began as Resort Air in 1982, it operated just a handful of Metro II aircraft and carried just under 7,000 passengers during its first year of operation—tourists, primarily, between its headquarters in St. Louis and a popular lake two hours south of the city (hence the call sign "Waterski," which Trans States still uses to this day).  However, things have changed a great deal since 1982.  Since that time, Resort Air has evolved from a small boutique carrier into Trans States Airlines, a carrier that served nearly 3 million passengers in 2015.  The Metro IIs have been replaced by an all-jet fleet of Embraer 145s, and Trans States now flies on behalf of United Airlines (as United Express) and American Airlines (as American Eagle), providing service to over 70 cities in North America with approximately 237 daily flights.  At Trans States, our mission is simple:  To remain flexible and responsive to the needs and challenges of our major partners and the aviation industry , while striving to do our best for our customers.  We are committed to providing safe, reliable and on-time air transportation and to delivering the highest standards in professionalism and customer service.  We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate this commitment to you in person.  Our over 900 employees look forward to welcoming you onboard! 


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