Letter from the Publisher


Dear Readers,

The growth of our readership and the improvement in the quality of the content we publish continues to exceed our expectations. The articles our writers submit carry genuine value, especially for those in our unique career. Like you, I learn something new in every issue and since our primary goal is to educate our readers, we can claim “mission accomplished” every time we publish.

Obviously, we could not be successful without readers, and without good content we would have no readership. I implore you to continue to help us grow. As we improve, we grow, and as we grow we improve. Because readership continues to rise, I want to thank you for sharing Aero Crew News with your colleagues and friends. As always, provide us with any content ideas you may have, and if you aspire to share your own ideas through the written word, we have your forum. I invite you to contact me at info@aerocrewnews.com.

Fly safe,

Craig Pieper


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