Letter from the publisher


Dear Readers,

Traditionally, September is a slow month for airline travel with the end of summer vacation season and children returning to school. But unfortunately, this has already been one of the slowest years for airline travel in history. I often hear and read posts where people are wishing 2020 to end now, but even if we could accelerate time, would that fix all the problems we face together? We must remain hopeful that eventually, life will return to normal or that a new normal will be established with places opening up allowing us to travel again. Personally, I didn’t have much luck trying to complete leisure travel in the waning weeks of vacation season. I had to cancel several reservations as circumstances continued to change, so we decided to stay local and spend time with family. Multiply my experiences by hundreds of thousands and the picture starts to develop. As the curve of virus cases flattens, let’s hope the curve of air travel passengers rises and we’ll once again be part of a thriving, exciting industry that contributes to others’ quality of life as well as our own.

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper


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