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Dear readers,

Our industry is one on an evolutionary fast-track. It is influenced by the world’s economies, politics, competition, pilot availability and now a global pandemic. As we emerge from the latter, we can expect many changes.  Our feature this month is a reprint of an article that appeared in The Conversation. I found it interesting because it provides a bit of historic perspective that the author uses to prognosticate what changes we might expect. (Rarely do we reprint articles but an unanticipated change befalling our scheduled feature airline necessitated space to fill.) 

Because we are in a dynamic period in this industry, a very high number of news items emerge on a monthly basis. We review them all and select the most relevant to our readers and present them in our Aviator Bulletins. Breaking news items appear immediately on our social-media outlets; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Aero Crew News is committed to only bring you verifiable news that you can use as you move through your career. 

Stay with us as our industry heads into its post-Covid-19 era, but keep you seatbelts fastened as we may hit some unanticipated turbulence. 

Fly safe, 
Craig Pieper


Aero Crew News


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