Letter from the Publisher


Dear readers,

It’s been a great Q2 for the airlines!  Delta, American and United Airlines just announced profits for the first time since the COVID pandemic started, $1.4 billion, $476 million and $878 million, respectively. United Airlines and American Airlines reported that this is their highest second-quarter revenue in their histories. United reported. $12.1 billion, up 6% from 2019 Q2. Delta Air Lines reported $13.8 billion in revenue and American reported $13.4 billion. All airlines reported that they are aggressively trying to pay down the debt acquired as a result of the pandemic. This comes as great, welcome news to all of us! 

So far, it’s been a challenging summer for all airlines because of cancellations, weather delays, gate issues, staffing shortages, and over-sold flights. Still, I prefer this over what we endured  starting in March 2020! 

Fly safe,

Craig Pieper 


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