Letter from the Publisher


Dear readers,

This past month Aero Crew News and Aero Crew Solutions attended the fast-growing RTAG event. I had the pleasure of meeting with their board members in person where I found a highly dedicated and motivated group of individuals working hard (and for free) to help veterans and civilians be hired and to advance in their careers. It was an incredibly productive event for all who attended. At the end of the event, American Airlines, along with other companies, made on-the-spot announcements for several CJOs. Congratulations to all who were hired!

Thank you to all who stopped by and had their résumés reviewed by Aero Crew Solutions. Good luck to all of you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott Rehn, our CEO, with questions about you application, interview prep or just general career questions. Reach him at Scott.Rehn@AeroCrewSolutions.com. 

Be sure to read next month’s feature article to learn more about this worthy endeavor. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we were unable to get the RTAG feature out this month, but for December we’ll have more details about RTAG. Learn how RTAG might help you and how you might help RTAG fulfill their earnest mission.

Meanwhile, we have an exciting story as our feature this month. We hope you’ll enjoy reading, Bailout, Bailout, Bailout.

I, and everyone at Aero Crew News, extend our salute to all nation’s veterans this November 11. America thanks you for your service – everyday. The passing of Veterans Day means the holidays are closer than they look on the calendar, so we wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, too. 

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper


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