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Dear readers,

It is an interesting time to be an airline pilot. As you know, back in March, Delta Air Line pilots signed a $7.2 billion, 4-year contract. (Details can be read here.)  In May, American Airlines and APA proposed an AIP with similar pay increases worth $8.3 billion. (Details can be read here.) Two weeks ago, United Airlines and its MEC (Master Executive Counsel) also agreed to an AIP worth $10 billion dollars. (Details can be read here.) Within days of the release of United Airlines pilot AIP summary, American Airlines increased their initial AIP offering to $9.3 billion. (You can view those details here.)

This month we decided to take an in-depth look at all three of these contracts. Check out our comparison here.Let us know what you think. You can email me at info@aerocrewnews.com.

Fly Safe,

Craig Pieper


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