FAA; DUI Reporting Requirements


faaThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) realizes even the most experienced pilot can get confused by the two different reporting requirements for alcohol and drug related motor vehicle actions.  So, based on our experience we began a variety of outreach initiatives to help debunk the myths by providing a greater understanding of both reporting requirements.

As an airman you have two separate reporting requirements involving  alcohol related motor vehicle actions; one report  per 14 CFR 61.15(e) and one to your Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), via your Application for Airman Medical, FAA Form 8500-8.  To help eliminate confusion I have highlighted the reporting requirement of both below:

What is reportable under 14 CFR 61.15(e)?

Alcohol related motor vehicle actions such as suspensions, revocations (hereafter referred to as administrative actions) and convictions for offense such as driving while under the influence, driving while impaired, operating under the influence, etc.    Please note that administrative actions (e.g., suspensions /revocations) AND convictions are separate reportable offenses under this regulation even though they may be related to the same incident.  Furthermore, each report must be received in our office within 60-days.

What is reportable on your application for Airman Medical, FAA Form 8500-8, specifically question 18v?

(1) Any arrest and/or conviction involving driving while intoxicated/under the influence/while impaired, etc; (2)  any conviction or administrative action which resulted in the denial, suspension, cancellation or revocation of your driving privilege (Note:  this is not limited to alcohol related events); (3) and any attendance at an educational or rehabilitation program.  Please remember to openly discuss details related to these events along with any other information asked on the application with your AME.

To address other questions you may have please refer to our website at www.faa.gov/go/duidwi or call our office at (405) 954-4848 to speak with an investigator.  Remember, as an aviation professional you are our greatest asset in being able to educate your peers and your surrounding aviation community regarding these important requirements.

Written By: Brenda L. Smith, Christopher Marks & Lesha Sloan


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