First Watch, The Daytime Café

College Station, Texas


Croque Madame, Photo Taken by Craig Pieper.

I normally try to avoid chain restaurants, but my friend insisted that I give this one a try. I was not disappointed at all. When first walking in, you definitely get the feel of a farm-to-table experience with their natural wood décor.

Their menu boasts freshly sliced fruits and vegetables, home baked muffins and French toast batter made from scratch every morning.  All orders are made to order and they don’t believe in heat lamps or deep fryers, bringing you “the finest ingredients possible for the freshest taste around.”

Millionaire’s Bacon, Photo Taken by Craig Pieper

From their “Behold Spring” menu, I choose the breakfast sandwich, they’ve dubbed the Croque Madame. This monster of a sandwich is described as; “Smoked ham, tomato, Gruyere cheese and Dijonnaise on grilled artisan broche. Topped with béchamel sauce, two cage-free, sunny side up eggs and fresh herbs. Along with this, I decided to add a side of their Millionaire’s Bacon, “Four slices of our signature hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne with a maple syrup drizzle.”

To say this sandwich is a monster is kind of an understatement.  What I have to say is, you must try this! First of all, there is no way that you are picking this up and eating it like a normal sandwich, so it’s really not even a sandwich per se. It’s more like a stack of French toast, but with lots of other stuff. In other words, use your knife and fork. The freshness of every ingredient can be tasted in each bite. Everything from the eggs to the artisan brioche is cooked to perfection.

Don’t forget the bacon! The bacon was probably the best part. When you go, please for the love of bacon, get the bacon! The bacon was full of flavor and dripping with maple syrup. I was not able to finish them all so I had to get a box for the leftovers! I’m not big on left overs, especially on the road, but I could not let this go to waste.

If… When you go, be sure to get the app Nowait and set up a reservation, because you’ll surely be waiting if you don’t!  Lastly, be sure to tell Megan, the GM, that I sent you!

First Watch, The Daytime Café

4501 Texas Ave, Suite #100

College Station, Texas


Photo Taken by Craig Pieper


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