An Airline Captain’s Secrets to Transformative Travel – Part 2

Personal Aerodynamics for the Elite Aviator


Flying an airplane, i.e. utilizing the laws of aerodynamics, and travel have a lot in common. As a traveler, knowing these principles will not only make your trip more interesting, but your life on the road and back home more enjoyable, magical, mystical and, unpredictable.

Life works best according to natural laws that reveal themselves if we are aware that they exist, or if we operate counter to them. If we attempt to over control our lives by moving too fast or doing too much at the expense of “being,” then we are disturbing our own inherent stability.

If you attempt to over control an aircraft, you disturb the stability designed into it. Guess what happens if you try to over control your travel experience. You mess things up, cause undue stress upon yourself and your mates, and destroy any enjoyment you strive to have.

There is wisdom in the 1960’s term “Go with the flow.” When you slow down and take in the landscape you enter, e.g. the airport, the crowds at the ticket counter, the TSA security people, etc., you will notice a “flow” or rhythm, or perhaps a lack thereof. It is best not to attempt to interrupt either the flow or absence of one.

You will notice a flow when traveling to a foreign country, especially when you attempt to drive in traffic to which you are not accustomed. Once you discern the way traffic “flows” and how drivers navigate and participate in that flow, you can enter it with much less hassle than if you take the wheel without first observing how things work. On your observation, it may seem like salmon trying to swim upstream against a current stronger than the salmon appears to have strength to overcome. But, then you discover order in the apparent chaos

Next time you travel, or for that matter, are out for your normal activities, see if you can observe and ascertain what’s going on around you but in a different way than usual. That’s called situational awareness.You will find that things go better and easier for you once you tune into and blend with the flow of things. ACN

SOURCEAero Crew News, May 2018
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Bert is an 18,000 hour ATP and CFII. After retiring from TWA as a FAA line check airman, he returned to fly for NetJets as a captain on Citations and Gulfstreams. He was the Professional Standards (Pro Stan) Committee chairman for TWA/ALPA. He also started the first Pro Stan committee at NetJets. Bert is a personal coach and consultant in the aviation field. He continues to teach instruments, new-hire airline pilots and conduct remedial training in Advanced Aviation Training Device simulators in Sonoma County, Calif. Bert’s mission is to bring his experience and love of aviation to the next generation of airline pilots by writing, speaking, and mentoring pilots so that they can deal successfully with personal and professional challenges. His book, Fast Lane to Faith: A Jet Jockey’s Search for Significance is his own story of facing and overcoming the challenges that life and aviation threw at him.


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