Deborah Bandy

Deborah Bandy is the copy editor for Aero Crew News, among other endeavors. After a career in commercial advertising and marketing, she joined Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and spent nearly twenty years, first in admissions (where she met ACN publisher Craig, editing his college papers) and later in marketing and communications. Deborah was raised in Central and South America and calls Spanish “her second first language.” She writes, edits and translates in both. Deborah’s next career will take her high into the Andes of Ecuador to finish her novel.

Innovative, Competitive and Thoughtful Jet Linx

An innovative Part 135 company that strives for and is achieving an inimitable pro-pilot culture   Editor’s note: Unfortunately, I don’t often have the privilege of...

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My story of ejection from a T-6 Texan II Our flight was scheduled for an 09:15L takeoff with an 08:00L briefing time. It was supposed...

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Nicest Bundle on Sale for Only $1 More than Nicer, Available on Every Airbus A220 Route Nationally Breeze Airways, the Seriously Nice™ low-fare airline, is offering The...