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An innovative Part 135 company that strives for and is achieving an inimitable pro-pilot culture  

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, I don’t often have the privilege of researching and writing, but in the case of Jet Linx, I saw something special I wanted to investigate myself. As one who spent most of her career with pilot aspirants, this unique aviation concept caught my attention. This is a worthy company where safety is paramount, the high quality-of-life experienced by its personnel predominates and the company culture is commendable. 

So you are a pilot – a professional pilot, not just a weekend flier. In your career quest, don’t overlook Part 135 operations. And if you want to be a part of an organization that recognizes what you value, namely safety, quality of life and a commitment to service, Jet Linx has it – has it all and then some.

A Part 135 standout

Jet Linx began in 1999 and has evolved into a national organization with 21 bases in cities around the country with over 100 aircraft and more than 550 employees, which the company respectfully refers to as “team members.” Growth continues as their Mergers and Acquisitions team aims to add one to two bases per year into the future. They remain on target for “25 by 25” – 25 bases by 2025. But it’s not all about expansion; it’s about establishing each base as an operation that can deliver the highest level of safety and service to its clients and team members. Their approach is personal, not just for the clients it serves but for the crews – flight and ground.

Pilots who fly for Jet Linx talk about its culture that one described it as a “pro pilot culture,” the foundational element of which is safety. Once hired, all pilots are provided training through Flight Safety International or CAE, Inc. The company has garnered the ARGUS Platinum Elite rating (the first Part 135 company to receive this), is registered with International Business Aviation Council (IS-BAO) Stage 3, and holds the Wyvern Wingman Standard certificate, all of which attest to the company’s commitment to the highest standards of safety possible for a Part 135 operator. 

But Jet Linx does not stop there. Every year, the company dedicates a day for every member of every team nationwide to focus together at their Annual Safety Summit. Amazingly, the fleet is grounded for that day and the terminal doors are closed to achieve the unthinkable – halting revenue generation! At the Summit, industry experts from public and private safety-assurance entities are brought together for a day of learning and sharing which culminate in a company-wide recommitment to its foremost guiding principal – safety.  

Jet Linx promotes their “pro pilot culture” through competitive, thoughtful, and progressive programs. Current pilots describe the family atmosphere and stability within the company as key features that contribute to their job satisfaction. Most pilots live near their bases and can even be at home when on standby. (For the few who don’t, there is an agreement with Southwest Airlines for jump-seat privileges.) Pilots who have made the leap from Part 121 to Jet Linx also cite their improved quality of homelife. While their schedules can’t be as predictable in an on-demand operation, they spend many more nights at home with their families. Duty days average 13 per month with 23 nights per month at home. Day trips are common and for the overnight trips, you accrue your own hotel points. Another tremendous advantage is being intimately familiar with their aircraft; pilots are assigned to specific tail numbers providing another component in the “pro pilot culture.” That seat on the flight deck is molded to fit you by you! That baby is “yours.”

Beyond its competitive compensation program, company benefits generously provide a 100% 401(k) match (up to 6% of earned income), company-paid medical, dental and vision insurance, short- and long-term medical coverage, life insurance, a cell-phone stipend, and other attractive benefits. A deep dive into its website will not only detail the benefits but will provide a portrait of the company’s culture and the core values that drive every decision made by every member of every team. This is a company that is doing all the right things.

The application process

As you would expect, Jet Linx positions are specific to aircraft. On the Careers section of their website, you’ll find listings for base and aircraft type with the requirements that may vary from position to position. You will be applying for a particular aircraft at a specific base beginning with an online application. Unlike the airlines, there is no point system, but the more detail you can provide about your experience and how it aligns with the position, the better your chances will be for selection for an interview. First-round interviews are held via Microsoft TEAMS. Once selected to advance to the in-person interview, you will have an opportunity to expound on your knowledge and reveal how your personality fits into the positive culture they nurture with each new hire. For obvious reasons, they will want to know what you find attractive about Jet Linx. Hires can be accomplished within days to weeks and there are two orientation classes per month.

Currently, Jet Linx aspires to hire 30 to 35 pilots per month. In addition to the traditional application-to-hire route, they participate in a program with ATP™ providing a direct pathway into first-officer positions for qualified individuals. A reciprocal program, Destination 225°, offers a pathway into Southwest Airlines from Jet Linx, the only Part 135 participant in this Southwest Airlines program.

Not surprisingly for such an innovative and progressive company, Jet Linx is committed to diversity among its ranks. The company supports and participates in events hosted by Women in Aviation International (WAI), the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) and the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA). If you plan to attend any of the aviation tradeshows, be sure to stop by and chat with the representatives from Jet Linx. They love to talk about their company, its culture and its future.

Advancement opportunities

If you seek to align with a company in which you can advance, Jet Linx is worthy of your attention. Upgrades are available within six months to a year. Opportunities to rise to check pilot, chief pilot, and base safety managers are possible at every facility and the company’s plans for expansion make the prospect for advancement all the more attractive.

A teaser 

There are a couple of exciting, innovative plans coming from Jet Linx in the next few weeks. While we are not yet privy to them in time for this piece, be alert to the press releases that Aero Crew News will publish as soon as they arrive. Jet Linx consistently delivers on its commitment to innovation. If they identify an opportunity, they are going to explore it. If they see a problem, they are going to fix it. If they recognize an inequity, they are going to address it. They continuously demonstrate that they are wholly committed to getting it right. They have a phrase they use to summarize their culture and how it encompasses the company’s core values – Supply the High. Jet Linx aspires to provide their clients the highest level of service by a team that receives an equal high from having been the purveyors. It’s a never-cliché win-win.



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